Most Popular Nail Polish Colors for 2020

Spring is finally here! It’s now time to update your nail polish wardrobe for the spring and summer seasons. This year, bright, bold, and daring colors are stealing the spotlight (or more appropriately, the sunlight). Here are the hottest nail polish trends for spring and summer 2020.

Hottest Nail Color Summer 2020


Pastel Nail Polish

Pastels are always in style when Spring rolls around. The fun, light colors remind us of Easter eggs and sunny days. Although the exact color that is trendy may change, you really can’t go wrong wearing pastel nail polish in the spring. 

This Spring the “it” pastel colors are mint green (try Sinful Colors “Mint Apple”, Revlon “Minted”), grayed blue, and lavender (Try Revlon “Gumdrop”, Essie “Lilacism”, or China Glaze “Light As Air”.) Although, every woman noticing a lot of pastel yellow nails popping up. 

If you’re going to do yellow nails, pastel yellow is the only way to go. Otherwise, you can end up looking like you have a severe case of nail fungus. For a nice yellow pastel, try China Glaze “Lemon Fizz”.

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2.Neon Shades

Neon Shades

Better pull out those shades ladies because neon nails are making a comeback. This summer, we’re trying to rival the sun with our hot bright nail colors. 

Neons in all shades of color are bursting onto the scene, bringing back the one cool thing that came from the 80s. Neon pink, blue and purple is a staple for this summer. If you’re adventurous, you can even branch out and try other neon colors such as neon red, neon orange, neon green, and neon yellow. Try neon yellow at your own risk though.

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Holographic nail polish

Holographic nail polish is a huge trend right now and I doubt it’s going away anytime soon. How can it? The holograms are so cool! 

If you don’t know what holographic nail polish is, We will explain here. Most holographic nail polishes have a base color with super tiny multi-colored sparkles within. 

When applied, the color shows with a multi-dimensioned rainbow flash over the top of it. Just like a holograph. Purple holographic colors seem to be the biggest trend right now. They are available in a wide range of colors.

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4.Metallic nail polish

Metallic nail polish

As if neons and holographs weren’t drawing in enough attention, we’re stretching the bold look into the metallic range. Metallic silver and Gold are the summer’s hottest colors.

 Every woman noticing that sparkly gold and silver topcoats are being paired with darker colors to create a beautiful shiny metallic effect. Color Club “Wild and Willing” nail polish is perfect for a coppery metallic sheen.

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