Top 5 Women’s Trail Running Shoes of 2020

Best Trail Runners for Women

Best Trail Runners for Women of 2020

Trail running consists of an entirely different terrain than regular road running, which is more stressful on the feet. The shoes that are generally used for trail running is lower to the ground than traditional running shoes and offer more rigid support, with less cushioning. 

The shoes have to have increased rubber or plastic protection from sticks or rocks that could do injury if wearing a regular pair of running shoes. The increased support also prevents sprained ankles and other injuries from protruding rocks and roots which can cause injury. 

This article will take a look at 5 different women’s trail running shoes, where to get them, and price.

1. Montrail Hardrock 08 Trail Running Shoes

These women’s trail running shoes are low to the ground and also lightweight. The trail running shoe is designed for light to heavy trail running, from casual trails to large mountains. 

The outsole is made from a rubber that is designed to give extra stability and support in both wet and dry conditions. These shoes are designed to be flexible yet can handle tough terrain.

2. Salomon Speed Comp Trail Running Shoe

The Solomon speed competitive trail running shoe has your comfort and safety in mind. This shoe has Quicklaces which requires no tying and offers a snugger fit than traditional laces. 

The shoe also has a protective barrier for the toes to protect shock if you run into a rock or other object. The mesh air pockets on the top provide great aeration into the shoe but prevent debris from entering the shoe. 

3. New Balance 571 Trail Running Shoe

The new balance 571 provides ample support and rigidity for even the hardest trail running. The mesh on the side and the top provide ample cooling in the interior for even the warmest of days. 

These women’s trail running shoes also provide shock protection for uneven trails.

4. Vasque Velocity VST XCR Women’s Trail Running Shoe

These women’s running shoes are made to be ultra-light and are also waterproof. This women’s running shoe offers great stability for even the most uneven terrain. 

The Vasque Velocity was also designed to cushion the heel of the foot to decrease on impact strain. 

5. The North Face Betasso Trail Running Shoe

These women’s trail running shoes are designed to be lightweight for fast running yet provide durable support for the unknown conditions on the trail. 

The rubber outsoles are designed to take a lot of abuse, yet there is plenty of mesh on the top and the sides for great ventilation.