15 Most Elegant and Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles

The Most Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles

Most Elegant and Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles

Whether your matrimony day haircut is going to be a classic, sophisticated, and timeless style or a trendy, unique, and fun style, finding the perfect hairstyle is essential.

It might still be up for debate as to whether the hairstyle makes the bride or the bride makes the hairstyle, but it makes a difference. The perfect hairstyle can surely make the day even more perfect.

Learn How To Cut and Style Wedding Hairstyles Below:

1.The Side Part

Side Part Wedding Hairstyles

A side part is often give more elegant looks. This types of hairstyle is less severe than a centre part for a more feminine and sultry look. A new part will change her appearance quite a bit for a new look that sets heads turning.

2.The Down Do

Down Do Wedding Hairstyles

Wearing the hair down certainly works best for those brides who don‘t like their look with an updo. Either a center part or a side part will work properly.

Teasing the hair slightly at the roots. It will help to keep it in shape and also secure any hair ornamentation that the bride selects.

3.The Updo for Curly, Unruly, or Thick Hair

Updo for Curly

The most suited styling technique for unruly, naturally curly or heavy hair might just be the carefree updo. This types of updo style is make it easy. It is simplistic in its basic technique of randomly pinning up long tresses of hair.

For this hairstyle hair can be twisted or curled rand pinned randomly to create a stunning look that oozes beauty.

4.The Tiara Alternative

Tiara Alternative Wedding Hairstyles

If tiaras are not in your future, even for your wedding day, hair vines can be the perfect option for a stylistic look. A few crystal hair vines carefully placed in your hair can set it apart for the stunning look that you are hoping to create. Less is better when it comes to hair ornamentation. Don‘t overdo it.

5.The Loose Braid

Loose Braid Wedding Hairstyles


A loose braid is an outstanding idea to show off long braids that vary in coloring. This hairstyle has been popular around for ages.

You can make a special and unique appearance with the hair elaboration that you elect to use. Each loosely joined braid can be decorated with a like snippet of finery.

6.The Retro Look

retro wedding hairstyle


To maximize on a retro look in a wedding hairstyle, you need long tresses of hair that can be thick, fine or anything in between these. The Retro look hairstyle gives you the half up and half down styling trend.

A portion of the hair is swept back and up so that it follows the cheekbones and shape of the face. The remaining hair is left to hang down beneath the updo portion. For a truly retro look, use a wide headband to adorn your hair.

7.The Modern Birdcage

Modern Birdcage

For something different, brides can wear the modern version of the birdcage, a classic twenties style head ornament. The modern wedding day version is crafted from a wide band of fabric that wraps around the forehead and brow of the bride.

The bride‘s hair can be long, short, or medium length. Typically, the fabric is adorned with flowers off to one side.

8.The Chignon

Chignon wedding hairstyle

Pulling your hair back and securing it up in a chignon opens up a few possibilities for ornamentation. Allowing a few locks to hang in the front will soften the severity of this look. You can make tiny tendrils, loose curls, or soft waves.

Plus, hair jewellery makes a stunning appearance on this type of hairstyle. Try a glittering tiara at the top of the chignon or even higher up on your hair.

9.The Twisted Bun

Twisted Bun

The classic bun is a nice hairstyle for a wedding. Adding a bit of a twist to it will add a fresh touch that is appreciated and admired. Place the bun low and in the traditional center or place it asymmetrically.

The twist goes on both sides of the bun and throughout for a clever look. This style works well with medium or long hair lengths as well as short hair lengths and the implementation of an extension.

10.The Tease

Tease wedding hairstyle


The tease hairstyle is gorgeous with long tresses of curly or wavy hair. Tease your hair for fuller volume, allowing it to hang down. Use gorgeous hair clips to secure your hair at strategic locations that show off your facial features.

11.The Sweep

Sweep wedding hairstyle

The sweep maximizes on volume and sweeps the hair off to the side or back, depending on the bride‘s tastes. Long, loose curls add a soft, romantic touch to this hairstyle. Hair jewelry can used to secure the sweeps with a bit of sparkle and dazzle.

12.The Short Updo

Short Updo

For those brides with short locks, an updo is still a viable possibility. A few hair clips, bobby pins, or barrettes can be strategically placed to lift the hair up and back from the face.

It‘s best to add a bit of volume to the roots of the hair first by applying some mousse and then blow-drying the hair upside down.

13.The Unsettled Updo

short updo wedding hairstyles

As brides clamor more and more for something unique, hairstylists have come up with a variety of less–styled updos. Each time, the created look is somewhat different than the one before it. The updo is loose, unstructured, and randomly put together.

14.Lift It Up

hairstyles for wedding

Before any hairstyle, you can add a bit of lift and volume to your hair. Simply apply a bit of your favorite mousse to your towel-dried hair. Blow-dry your hair upside down once the mousse is applied to lift your hair at the roots.

15.The Soft Side Ponytail

side ponytail hairstyles for wedding

Ponytails are just as popular as ever for everyday use and they can certainly be jazzed up for a wedding day hairstyle. Simply use a side ponytail with a loose tie for a touch of romance.

Sweeping the hair in the front and over the ear next to the ponytail softens the look with a delicate touch. Adorn your ponytail with a classy and stylish tie– perhaps something with crystals. This hairstyle works well with low–cut dresses.