12 Best Short Hairstyles | Short Haircuts for Women

Classic and Cool Short Hairstyles

Best Short Hairstyles

Throughout history, women have used many tricks in order to look more masculine, thus hoping to appear more powerful and be taken as seriously as men. Cutting their hair was one of the most used tricks. However, as society evolved, short hair has stopped being seen as a sign of masculinity.

Nowadays, a lot of women wear short hair without losing their femininity. Many stylists have focused on coming up with elegant hairstyles for short hair and women all over the world are enjoying the wide range of options ahead of them.

Furthermore, having your hair cut can be a great day out with your friends or even with your mom, as many moms choose short hairstyles over long ones.

As mentioned above, short hair can often look more beautiful and graceful than long hair. Today, we will discuss here some graceful short hairstyles for women.

1.Alluring Short Curly Hairstyles

Alluring Short Curly Hairstyles

If you have curly or wavy hair and are looking for a hairstyle this fall for an alluring makeover, why not try cutting your hair short. Short curly hairstyles are very alluring and many of the most fashion-forward celebrity icons of our time realize this and have made short curly hairstyles their very own statement hairstyle. 

All you need is a perfect haircut that will bring the best out of your lovely curly hair. But girls with straight hair have no reason to despair. Achieving an alluring short curly haircut style is not impossible. They can always use hot rollers or even get a perm.

An alluring short curly hairstyle could be a cute pixie, a short bob, or a messy shag. What is important is to create allure in a short curly hairstyle is layers, layers, and layers! Layers, whether created by scissors or razors. It will tend to thin the hair, preventing it from becoming too dense and thick. Long layers will give the hair more movement and shape. Curly hair cut short is best without bangs.

2.Pixie Short Hairstyle

Pixie Short Hairstyle

The pixie is the most elegant and hottest hairstyle all around the world. A number of the most desirable and fashionable celebrity icons have cut their hair ultra-short.

 It is a brave and daring thing to do considering that it takes a lot of guts to cut off the hair to a man’s length, and oodles of self-confidence to pull it off with élan.

3.Blonde Pixie Haircut

Blonde Pixie Haircut

This summer most of the women are sporting a blond baby soft pixie. A woman wears her platinum blond pixie with long side-swept bangs.

Most women can be a winner with a pixie. What is important is to adapt the hairstyle to the shape of the face. For round-faced women, the best styling of a pixie is to keep the side bangs tousled to underplay the roundness of the face. 

On the other hand, women blessed with a wide forehead or heart-shaped face must have long side-swept bangs. It can be combed forward or swept to the side. In place of the short bangs usually seen on a pixie cut.

4.Short Wedge Haircut 

Short Wedge Haircut 

This haircut looks a lot like a short bob except that the hair is cut with layers rather than bluntly cut. The layering is so gradual that the effect is almost like that of the bob.

5.Layered Short Wedge Haircut 

The label sounds superfluous but it is only to emphasize the heavy layering of the haircut. The hair at the back of the neck can be cut somewhere between 1/8 to an inch long. The rest of the hair heavily layered as it reaches the crown. Bangs for a layered short wedge haircut should also be layered.

6.Asymmetrical Bob Haircut 

 This is the trendiest of all three short wedge haircuts. The hair at the nape and back is cut very short with layers getting longer in front and at the sides. The longer the layers are the more symmetrical the effect. This haircut does not need bangs but requires a part; either a center part or a side part. This is the perfect haircut for the trendy modern woman. Color your hair for ultimate look.

7.Shag Short Hairstyle

Shag Short Hairstyle

Layering is one way to deal with the volume of thick hair. A short haircut is also a common and great cut for thick hair. With the wide variations of short hairstyles that are currently trendy this season. There will be short hairstyles that will surely flatter any face shape of a woman with thick hair. 

8.Jaw-length Shag Hairstyle

Jaw-length Shag Hairstyle

A jaw-length shag hairstyle is one of the best hairstyles for thick hair. Shag hairstyles are cut in several layers, thus reducing the volume of the hair. The hairstyle is intended to look carefree and breezy. It is also one hairstyle that is easy to maintain.

9.Bob Haircut with Layering

Bob Haircut with Layering

A bob haircut with layering on the sides and at the back is another hairstyle that will be suitable for thick hair.

10.Chic Hairstyle

Chic Hairstyle

Close-crop or gamin hairstyle is a sleek and chic hairstyle that is layered heavily and tapered at the nape. It is a versatile hairstyle that can either be allowed to dry naturally or slicked down with gel.

11.Full bob with Layers

Full bob with Layers

Full bob with lots of layers swept away from the face is another short hairstyle that is ideal for wavy to curly thick hair.

 12.Short Funky Hairstyle

Short Funky Hairstyle

A short funky cut with disheveled spikes at the back getting sleeker towards the front with a side part and fringe is a trendy hairstyle for straight or wavy thick hair.