10 Best Tanning Oil in 2020

Sun tanning has been a popular fashion trend since long and thousands of products introduced to the market to help promote a darker tan. Tanning oil is one of those products that moisturizes your skin and gives you a perfectly healthy-looking and long-lasting dark tan with glowing skin. They enhance and spread evenly all over your body even if some areas are hard to get to. Tanning oils come with different brands, styles and fragrances depending upon your desires. Tanning oils help you get your desired bronzed tan much faster than any other tanning product. Today, in this article we will be telling you about one of the best tanning oils that are worth spending money.

10 Best Tanning Oil

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Hawaiian Tropic Dark Moisturizing Tanning Oil4.8Buy From Amazon
Australian Gold Tanning Exotic Oil Spray4.6Buy From Amazon
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COCOSOLIS Sun Tanning Oil4.4Buy From Amazon
Coppertone Tanning Dry Oil4.7Buy From Amazon
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Panama Jack Sunscreen Tanning Oil4.6Buy From Amazon
Golden Star Beauty Self Tanning Oil4.2Buy From Amazon

1. Bondi Sands Tanning Dry Oil

The first product on our list is Bondi Sands Tanning Dry Oil that leaves your skin with a golden glow. While developing a natural flawless tan it also hydrates your skin. This tanning oil is infused with argan oil that leaves your skin moisturized and has a spray nozzle for mess-free use. It lasts for a week leaving your skin perfectly bronzed that glows from within.

It is infused with a coconut scent that creates a fresh effect. Bondi Sands Tanning Dry Oil is the longest-lasting tan and also it requires no washing off. Make it your choice and have a skin colour of your own choice!

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2. Sun Bum Tanning Oil

Sun Bum Moisturizing Tanning Oil

If you want your skin to be golden brown yet nourished, silky smooth and protected then Sun Bum Tanning Oil is a perfect option for you. This product is enriched with Argan oil, coconut oil and Aloe vera that indulge and protect your skin.

It is water-resistant and is great for all skin types. Sun Bum Tanning Oil is cruelty and parabens free. You can now achieve a sun-kissed glow and also moisturize and protect your skin by choosing Sun Bum Moisturizing Tanning Oil.

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3. Hawaiian Tropic Dark Moisturizing Tanning Oil


Hawaiian Tropic Moisturizing Tanning Oil is one of the best tanning formulae. This tanning formula drenches your skin in moisture. It is infused with exotic moisturizing ingredients including antioxidants and Vitamins that help your skin in getting smooth, soft and moisturized. Its classic coconut fragrance sends you directly to the tropics.

Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil is one of the best and rare blend of nature’s rich ingredients that give you a sun-kissed glow and soft silky skin. Also, it contains skin conditioners, so choose this product and get a glowing tan and a protected skin!

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4. Australian Gold Tanning Exotic Oil Spray

Australian Gold Dark Tanning Exotic Oil Spray

Australian Gold Tanning Exotic Oil Spray not only tans your skin beautifully but also provides it with the natural vitamins. It is a non-greasy formula and absorbs quickly, supplying your body with enzymes and nutrients it needs for the darkest tan.

This product is enriched with premium oils that help to condition and moisturize your skin. It is water-resistant refreshing fragrance and gives your skin a natural glow while tanning. It lasts longer and give you your favourite tan look!

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5. Banana Boat Tanning Oil Spray

Banana Boat Protective Tanning Oil

Banana Boat Tanning Oil Spray is a carrot and banana extract formula that gives your skin a silky smooth feel. It has a refreshing banana fragrance and is a water-resistant product.

It is infused with rare oils and coconut, banana extracts that moisturize your skin and leave it silky smooth and deliciously dark! A beautifully tanned, glowing, moisturized, silky and smooth skin, you can have it just by using our very effective Banana Boat Tanning Oil Spray. So make it your choice and we are sure that you would love it!

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6. COCOSOLIS Sun Tanning Oil


If you want an instant, smooth and deep tan then COCOSOLIS Tanning Oil is a perfect option for you. You can use it for a long-lasting gradual tan or as a body oil for dry skin and it gives you a chocolatey scent.

It is infused with organic oils that are a source of vitamins and minerals in your skin. These organic oils help you get tanned quickly and prolong your skin glow.

It helps you have the darkest tan, makes your skin hydrated and radiant. So choose COCOSOLIS Tanning Oil and give your skin a healthy sun-kissed look with a seductive chocolate fragrance.

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7. Coppertone Tanning Dry OilCoppertone Tanning Dry Oil

You can now love your skin even more than ever before with our Coppertone Tanning Dry Oil. This product is light, non-greasy, water-resistant and ensures maximum coverage. It is full of coppertone fragrance that you’ll surely love!

Coppertone Tanning Dry Oil is infused with vitamins, mineral oil and coconut oil that leave your skin moisturized and smooth. Getting your favourite tan skin isn’t difficult now because Coppertone Tanning Dry Oil gives you the best darkest tan you could ask for!

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8. Soleil Noir Ultra Tanning Oil

Soleil Noir Ultra Tanning Oil

If you want to protect and nourish your skin before sun exposure then we’ll recommend you with Soleil Noir Ultra Tanning Oil. It is infused with Vitamins that leave your skin hydrated. This tanning oil makes your skin smooth, firm and develops a double action.

Whether you’re relaxing on a tropical beach or sitting in your backyard, you can apply this tanning oil anytime. It gives you the best darkest glowing tan, so you can now have your favourite tan skin anytime, anywhere you want!

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9. Panama Jack Sunscreen Tanning Oil

Panama Jack Sunscreen Tanning Oil

Panama Jack Tanning Oil is infused with fruit and nut extracts, and moisturizer oils that help you reach your maximum tanning potential. If you’re a true sun and ocean lover then Panama Jack Tanning Oil is the best skin product for you. It is parabens and cruelty-free product that helps you to achieve a deep, dark and luxurious tan.

Panama Jack Sunscreen Tanning Oil comes with a pump-spray for easy usage and is an inexpensive product. It has a coconut fragrance that makes you feel as if you’re in a tropical place. Choosing Panama Jack Tanning Oil would be a smart decision!

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10. Golden Star Beauty Self Tanning Oil

Golden Star Beauty Self Tanning Oil

The last product on of list is for those who want a tan without hurting their skin. Golden Star Beauty Self Tanning Oil is made with pure, natural and organic ingredients that perfectly blend to give a rich tan.

This amazing self-tanning oil provides you with a luxurious golden bronze tan that makes your body look stunning. It leaves your skin perfectly tanned with no fake tan smell and no streaks.

This quick-dry formula is oily free and doesn’t create stains on your clothes and sheets. This tanning bronzer is perfect for all skin types even the most sensitive ones and it dries quickly. Without worrying about anything, make Golden Star Beauty Self Tanning Oil your choice and have the best tan ever!

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What is a tanning Oil?

Tanning oil is a product that is made to help people get a tan in an easier and quicker way! Tanning oils attract and focus UV rays onto your skin, which gives your skin a darker tan. They have antioxidant properties and they moisturize and repair your damaged skin.

Tanning oils are best for outside tanning as they promote a darker and quicker tan. They have different brands, styles and fragrances depending on your needs and budget!

How to choose a tanning oil?

When choosing the best tanning oil, you need to look for a number of things. First of all, you need to look if your tanning oil contains moisturizing agents, because the more moisturizing agents it has, the better oil will blend into the skin. Also, this helps your skin with less oil feeling causing no irritation and breakouts. Also, some tanning oils come with no SPF and some come with 30 or more SPF. Choose the tanning oil whose SPF fits your needs and preferences.

Also, the amount of time you spend in the sun influences the process of tanning. If you have to spend long hours in the sun then choose a tanning oil that stays on your skin for a longer time and has a high SPF because you would never like to have sunburns and skin damage while tanning.

Final Thoughts

The right tanning oil will go a long way when it comes to making most of your time in the sun. Whether you’re a daily tanner or just looking for a colour change for your vacation, the tanning oil will help you achieve your desired goals perfectly. Everyone has a different choice when it comes to finding the best tanning oil. Not a big deal if you have different skin needs, you’ll find a number of tanning oils that suit your skin. In this article, we have given you each and every detail of one of the best tanning oils. So looking at the benefits of individual products, you can get the best results that you wish are long-lasting and nourish your skin whenever you head out in the sun!