The 15 Best Foods to Boost Your Metabolism

Best Foods to Boost Your Metabolism

In everyone lifelong quest to lose weight and stay thin. Some things have worked and some haven’t. One of the best ways you found to lose weight and keep it off though is to naturally boost my metabolism as this helps burn body fat.

Not blessed with a fast metabolism, like some people had to give mine some help to get it moving faster. If you too have a slow metabolism. You’ll be happy to know eating or drinking these foods or drinks. This can really get your metabolism moving, and you’ll see the weight start to come off too.

1.Green Tea

Drinking green tea is an awesome way to naturally boost your metabolism. You should drink 4-6 cups of green tea a day now. Since start doing this, you will noticed that it’s been easier for me to lose weight.

Green tea has caffeine in it, which helps speed up your metabolism. It also has antioxidants in it called catechins. These are actually the things that cause your metabolism to speed up.

Green tea is also healthy for you in so many other ways:

  • a cancer preventative,
  • it lowers blood sugar,
  • it can help with heart disease and
  • give you a whole slew of other health benefits.

Plus, if you drink it without milk or sugar, it’s calorie-free too.

2.Coconut Oil

Some studies now show that Coconut Oil can naturally boost the metabolism by up to 25%. In Thailand, where coconut oil and coconut milk are part of many foods and drinks. Even though Thai girls eat a lot of food, they’re almost all really thin.

Woman who cooks all the meals for her and her husband. She eats a Thai diet with liberal helpings of coconut oil and her husband eats a typical western diet. While she is now in her 50s and shows no signs of gaining weight, even though she eats a lot of food, her husband (the same age!) who seems to eat less than her is constantly gaining.


Due to their high-fat content, you’d think almonds wouldn’t help with metabolism but, surprisingly, they do. You shouldn’t scarf down a whole bag of almonds every day as that’ll do more harm than good.

A snack of 10 almonds not only speeds up your metabolism but it’s a healthy form of protein too and all for only around 100 calories. Almonds contain magnesium. Studies show that people who have low magnesium tend to be overweight.


Not only are blueberries absolutely loaded with antioxidants. They’re also an amazing little fruit to help you burn more calories by naturally boosting your metabolism.

Add some to a low-fat yogurt for a healthy snack, put half a cup on your morning cereal, or pulverize them in some low-fat yogurt with a sliced up apple and some orange slices to make a healthy fruit smoothie.


And for a little extra bonus, because it’s technically not a ‘food’, add some cinnamon to your coffee, your breakfast cereal, or your toast.

Cinnamon also helps speed up your metabolism (and gives a zing to your food), and it’s pretty much calorie-free too. It’s also great if you’re diabetic, as it lowers blood sugar as well.

6. Water

Keep your body hydrated. This really can be the difference between losing weight and not and having a slow metabolism and not. So drink your 6-8 cups of water per day and see how fast your metabolism speeds up.

These foods and drinks are awesome ways to speed up your metabolism. Don’t forget too, several small meals per day are better than three big ones as, with five or six small ones, your metabolism will stay boosted all day long, and losing weight will really be a breeze.

7.Cayenne/Capsaicin (Capsicum frutescens)

It helps decrease body fat by increasing oxygen consumption. Cayenne pepper may also help normalize blood pressure, regulate heart rhythm, and increase blood circulation. Also, cayenne improves digestion. It is a natural stimulant without the threatening side effects (palpitations, hyper-activity, or rise in blood pressure) like most other stimulating agents.

Cayenne’s primary chemical ingredients include capsaicin, capsanthin, beta carotene, flavonoids, and vitamin C. Cayenne Pepper is a surprisingly great source of Vitamins A and C. It has the complete B complexes.

Cayenne Pepper is extremely rich in organic calcium and potassium. It can be found in capsules in many stores or can be taken by drinking shots of Cayenne pepper. You may have an allergic reaction to cayenne peppers if you’re allergic to avocados, chestnuts, latex, bananas or kiwi fruit.

Capsaicin may intensify the effects of certain medications such as sedatives, antihypertensives, theophylline, blood-thinners, and acetaminophen.

8.Yerba Mate (Ilex paraguariensis)

A stimulant similar to caffeine, this herb can also increase blood pressure. It is also is a good source of antioxidants. Yerba Mate also contains many nutrients like potassium, chromium, iron, niacin, and magnesium. It suppresses your craving and increases energy levels. Therefore stimulating the ability to burn unwanted calories faster.

Yerba Mate includes a mateine, which increase metabolism and energy. It also helps you to get rid of allergy symptoms, act as a gentle diuretic and colon cleanse, nutritionally speed up the healing process, and decrease stress.

Yerba mate can be applied as a tea beverage. It is also obtained in a complementary medicine or energy drink.

9.Bitter Orange/Synephrine (Citrus aurantium)

Bitter Orange which is an extract of Seville oranges is a stimulant and works on receptors in fat tissues. Following the FDA ban on using the herb Ephedra, Bitter Orange is added to some weight loss supplements since it can increase metabolism and help burn fat.

However, there are also some safety concerns regarding bitter orange. states bitter orange contains Synephrine and Octopamine, which are stimulants that are related to the active ingredient in Ephedra. These compounds may cause the same negative health effects, including migraines, rapid heartbeat, and heart attack.

Take bitter orange only under the direct supervision of your physician. According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, there have been reports of fainting, heart attack, and stroke in healthy people after taking bitter orange supplements alone or combined with caffeine.

10.Yohimbine (Pausinystalia Yohimbe)

Yohimbine (Pausinystalia Yohimbe) another stimulant similar to caffeine, Yohimbine may suppress appetite by blocking brain receptors and lower blood pressure. Yohimbe enhances fatty acid mobilization, decreasing fat synthesis.

This means it not only aids in weight loss but actual fat decrease. Because yohimbine can stimulate the nervous system, promote the release of fat from fat cells, and affect the cardiovascular system. Yohimbe should not be considered by people with ] high blood pressure, heart problems, anxiety, kidney disease, those who are pregnant or taking antidepressants.

11.Kelp ( Laminaria )

Kelp is a natural thyroid stimulant, which may increase metabolism. Iodine, an important component of kelp, has a direct effect on basal metabolic rate. Kelp is believed to stimulate a thyroid hormone which is responsible for boosting metabolism.

By returning the iodine levels to normal. It can alleviate the symptoms of low-grade hypothyroidism.

A slightly under-active thyroid and help to aid in weight loss. Kelp contains large amounts of potassium. Some prescriptions for high blood pressure can raise potassium levels in the blood.

12.Guarana ( Paullinia cupana)

Guarana speeds up the brain’s activity and is used to promote weight loss due to its stimulant and diuretic effect. Guarana contains 3% to 5% caffeine and may cause high blood pressure.

This seeds, which contain thermogenic agents, can raise the metabolic rate, making it easier to sweat off pounds and maintain energy while dieting.

Getting it along with stimulant drugs might create serious problems including raised heart rate and high blood pressure. Avoid taking stimulant drugs along with caffeine.

13.Hoodia (Hoodia Gordonii)

Hoodia is a natural appetite suppressant. According to, the active ingredient in Hoodia, P57, acts on the brain in a manner similar to glucose and sends the message that you are full even when you have not eaten, thus decreasing your desire to eat.

Diabetics should probably avoid Hoodia because of this herb “tricks” the brain into thinking that the body has sufficient blood sugar levels, which may interfere with the function of normal physiological processes that indicate when blood sugar is becoming dangerously low.

14.Forskolin (Coleus forskolin)

Forskolin (Coleus forskolin) is an extract from the mint family known to decrease blood pressure and may increase muscle with no weight change. Forskolin has demonstrated the ability to increase thyroid hormone production and stimulate thyroid hormone release.

Keeping your thyroid health is critical in your effort to increase your metabolism. The rate of your body’s metabolism is controlled by the thyroid and the hormones it releases. Don’t use forskolin if you are taking high blood pressure medications.


Ginseng helps to boost energy and metabolism. Ginseng is known to reduce the level of glucose in your body. This decreases insulin production.

As insulin hormone is the signal to your body to start storing fat, reduction in this has the opposite effect. Caffeine may amplify ginseng’s stimulant effects.