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The Loveliest Blue Flowers In the World

Most Beautiful Blue Flowers

The color blue has been associated with peace, rest, tranquility, and truth. It is associated with the sky, ocean, and coolness as well.

 The color blue relates to dreams, thoughts, and imaginations. The dreamers or idealists often love the color blue because it can bring out the natural artistic talents.

Blue flowers can bring a calmness to the garden other flowers can not. They are important to have when things are not going well in your life and you need a place of refuge and peace to go to.

Types of Blue Flowers

Here are five “must have” blue flowers for every garden:

1. Hydrangeas

Types of Blue Flowers

These are classic beauties that can produce stunning blue flowers if you keep your soil acidic enough. A popular cultivar is Hydrangea ‘Nikko Blue’. 

Hydrangeas represent feeling that is initiated by anything that is sincerely heartfelt. Send these flowers to appreciate someone for a unique sweetness or to offer an apology.

It is a terrific accent shrub that can be used along borders or as a specimen planting. It has abundant, large showy blooms that are globe-shaped and in clusters. Hydrangea ‘Nikko Blue’ grows fast to 4-6 feet tall and wide. Plant in partial shade. 

To encourage the blooms to keep your soil pH in the range of 5.2-5.5. To lower your pH include aluminum sulfate at the rate of 2 tbsp/gal. 

There are also pH acidifier kits sold; just follow the directions on the package. Hydrangeas are also great for wedding centerpieces.

2. Blue Salvia

Blue Salvia

Blue Salvia is an excellent perennial with blooms from early spring through fall. It is excellent for mass plantings, in containers, or as cut flowers. 

It grows to 18″ tall by 12″ wide, produces blue/purple flowers. Blue Salvia is very drought tolerant. It is a native to the southwest. Needs full sun and can tolerate infertile soils.

 3. Blue Verbena

Blue Verbena

This is a fantastic plant to grow in the garden. Blue Verbena is a perennial in southern states, drought-resistant once established and some varieties have a great blue color like the Verbena x hybrida ‘Blue Lagoon’. 

Blue Verbena blooms all summer long, grows 12″ high, and needs full sun. It can used in borders, mass plantings, or containers. This particular variety is also very mildew resistant.

4. Blue Plumbago


This is another great plant that produces stunning clusters of blue flowers. 

This perennial shrub/vine can get as tall and wide as 10 feet if it is not trimmed. It can trained as a vine if it has support like a trellis, arbor, or pergola. 

Also, it is greatly used for ground cover. It will need some pruning to keep its height in check. Blue Plumbago requires full sun but can tolerate some shade. 

5. Periwinkle


Vinca Minor or Periwinkle is an old fashioned ground cover vine that produces blue flowers about the size of quarters. They need average soil, good drainage, and some shade to thrive. 

They grow to around 6″ tall and spread 18″ wide. Periwinkles are often used in mass plantings in commercial as well as residential settings. 

If you have some good sunlight inside this winter you may even consider planting these from either seed or cuttings. Check back soon for more information on blue flowers!



Delphinium got its sense from the Greek word proposing Dolphin. Delphinium expresses the spirit and enjoyment of heavenly qualities. Give some to your mother for her saintliness in having put up with you during your more trying periods.



This colorful flower belongs to the family of buttercup. The anemone is said to have sprung from the blood of the Roman god Adonis. These flowers generally represent anticipation. Help soothe someone’s nerves with this tranquil, lovely flower.



Irises are different from others in the fact that it opens in the spring and can remain open for several days. Traditionally, this graceful flower has been chosen to convey they essence of “my compliments”. Compliment someone today by sending them a bouquet of irises.