Hairstyles for Round Faces – 8 Best Haircuts for Round Face

Round Face Hairstyles

Hairstyles for Round Faces

Hairstyles are a highly meaningful circumstance in a person’s beauty. Be it a man or woman, the look of one’s hair makes a phenomenal difference in their beauty and style. So it is essential to understand the importance of having a good hairstyle that fits your face and matches your facial features.

Every personality is gifted with different hair type, hair color, and face shape by God. If you want to change your look, you can do by changing your hairstyles. Different kinds of hairstyles usually follow latest trends. The trend is changing all the time and lifestyles depends on many factors, like occupation, education, and daily life habit.

Before a person decided which kind of hairstyle she would choose, it is suggested to ask a hairstylist’s opinion first. They are people who are experts in hairstyling, so that they know which hairstyle would be the best for certain kinds of hair types and face shapes.

Best haircut for round face

It is difficult to choose correct hairstyle for round face because round face give the look of a person become big and weighty. A good hairstyle make the round face look longer. Therefore it is important to choose the most fitting hairstyle. As we could say nothing is perfect in this world.

Suitable hairstyles for round face will depend on many other factors too, like age and weight. Before we go to what are the hairstyles would be great for round faces, we first would talk about what is the characteristic of the round face. This kind of face has a unique round chin, and it is short of an oval face.

1.Long Bob Cut

Long Bob Cut


The modern bob hairstyles of today are no longer just your short, basic, blunt cut that reminds you of boring people with boring hairstyles. 

Women are opting instead for bobs that are soft and seductive and most importantly stylish! The ends of the current bob hairstyles are often razor trimmed to allow for gentle movement and free flow. 

It is not always easy to decide to cut your locks when you’re looking for a hairstyle change, but this type of long bob cut still gives you a new style while keeping some of the lengths.

There are times when you may wish to update your look without compromising the length of your hair. A bob hairstyle can allow you to do exactly that. You do not have to lose length to sport this type of bob hairstyle.

Adding some layers, and playing with a new and improved color can also freshen up your current long bob. Long, short or medium layers cut throughout your long bob can add just the spice and variety you’re looking for. Highlights or lowlights can also be used to add depth and definition to your look.

2.Long Layers

Long Layers

Long layered hairstyles are a great example of hairstyles for round faces that can be used to create a variety of styles that fit your round or chubby face. 

This hairdo is classic but recognized trendy due to the long layers which are versatile. The layers are a great way to add volume to the hair that may be thick and heavy and does create the appearance of a longer, thinner face.

Straight is one of the most popular ways to wear long layered hairstyles, and this is the style pictured here to the right. 

 The long layered hairstyles can be cut within the hair to breathe life into the style without losing the length from the bottom of the hairstyle. 

3.Smoothly Layered Bob Hairstyle

Smoothly Layered Bob Hairstyle

The style pictured here is similar to the long bob described above, but just a bit shorter with more “razor-cut” type layering around the front and inside.

The layered bob hairstyle presents a less severe “break” between facial characteristics and the “frame” formed by any haircut. Layering an average or short bob clears up a variety of styling choices. A curly, wave, or flat-ironed your hair can be what you want it to be – all with the same cut and a bit of imagination.

This cut features wispy longer layers that are razored to frame the face and highlight facial features while creating a softer effect. It is recommended for people with round and oval faces. It works well with fine to coarse textures and thin to thick hair. Stylists often use volumizing mousse for fine to medium hair, while smoothing gel for coarse hair.

A bob hairstyle can appear to lengthen the face. It can also be shaped into long layers as well for a different look. Our medium hairstyles for women section will have more like this.

4.Short Shags

Short Shags

Often people recommend against any type of short hairstyle for people with round or chubby faces, but there are exceptions. Although the shag pictured here is not very short and would be considered by many a medium length shag, it is still considered to be on the “short-side” as far as hairstyles go.

Shag haircuts are famous for those ladies who have round or rather plump faces, as it makes the front look thinner. They are also great for women who have very heavy volume hair. It looks less thick. The people with heavy curly hair can opt the shag hairstyle because hair look lighter and less heavy.

One of the great things about a shag hairstyle is that is very easy to manage, which is something that someone looking for hairstyles for round faces typically finds important! Some shag bobs do not even necessitate blow-drying. You can let the hair dry usually and it will still look great.

5.Stylish Updos

Stylish Updos

Contrary to popular perception, updo hairstyles need not be plain and boring. Several styles can turn a plain Jane into a celebrity in a matter of minutes.

Any hairstyle that adds focus to your crown works best. A French twist with curls gathered on top looks very pleasant. As long as you have a focal point like curls on top or tussled bangs to the side. This will draw consideration away from the roundness of your face. 

Use off-center parts, as this will draw the eye to one side of the face and throw off the roundness. More of this can be found in our hairstyling tips section.

Things To Avoid:

(1) Any slick back styles without any hair touching your face.

(2) Do not add width around the sides of your face. This will make the face appear to be wider than normal.

(3) Straight, flat bangs will only shorten your face. Try tussled or side bangs

6. Short Pixie Hairstyles

Short Pixie Hairstyles

Pixie hairstyles look good for any face shape and will give a sexy young look to the girl wearing it. While you may read around the internet. You should stay away from very short hairstyles for women if you have a round face. The pixie style is an exception if it is done right.

Pixie hairstyles can be worn by any woman with oval, long, round, square, heart-shaped faces but it looks much more beautiful on people with round faces. A pixie cut is a great option because it has short wispy layers that visually break up the volume of the round face.

A perfect short pixie hairstyle for round faces is a cut with no curls and which has wisps around the face. The wisps should be kept close to the face to avoid emphasis on the roundness.

7.Long Curly Style

Long Curly Style

The key to good, long hairstyles for round faces is to create a slimming effect as well as possible softening features. Round face appearances are about the same in height from cheek to cheek and from chin to top of the forehead. 

The key here is to frame the locks closer to the face to create a slimming effect and the curls are an added touch to soften the entire look. Adding a slightly swept fringe to long hairstyles will also create very beautiful looks to both sleek and curled tresses.

 These types of hairstyles are probably the most prominent for round faces for everyday occasions as the hairstyles are simple yet provide very complementary looks. You can find more great examples of long hair in our long hairstyles for women section.

8.Soft Bangs

Soft Bangs

Try to cut soft and subtle wisped bangs for a round face. The layered look with bangs is great for hairstyles for round faces because it makes the face look less round and reduces the emphases if there is a double chin. You should choose side-swept bangs for a round face, like the picture here with Kirsten Dunst. Her side-swept bangs look great on her, and she is one of those celebs with a very typical round face.

These hairstyles would give an appealing look to many people with fat or round face and would add charm to their beauty. 

Remember, not every style featured here would look good on your round face. The texture of the hair, your facial features, and the length and your lifestyle all contribute. 

Before and after pictures are usually good to look at when considering a change as well. Just remember, if you have a round face there are plenty of options to choose from, so do not despair!