A Complete Guide To The Different Types Of Braids

How to braid different types of braids for women

How to braid different types of braids for women. 

Braid hairstyles are great for bad hair days. But not only that! They also make the hair look elegant. There are many types of braids. Hairstyles attack is one of the most popular hairstyles, and have been in fashion for a long time.

If you’re bored with your normal hair or want a style that makes your hair look clean and fresh at the same time. Then go with some braided hairstyles that will help you sport a new look.

Some braids are easy to create. You can style your hair in them. One of the best ways to make your hair look beautiful and so is used to set hair in braids. There are different types of braided hairstyles that can be used to make your face look attractive. You have the option of hair twisted around completely, or use some other hair braided hairstyles.

Once you can create some twisted haircuts at home. While some of the styles of the braid should be done in the classroom, and may even take a day or two. Here are the different types of braids said. While some styles are very painful to create, and can even take days in the classroom!

What are Different Types of Braids 

Here is a list of different types of braids for hair. Today, celebrities, athletes, and public figures prefer to use braided hairstyles just look different, and set their fashion statement. There are many different types of braids for black women and men, and other different types of braids.

Types of Braids 

braids hairstyles have evolved from the time of and may be used to create new styles looking fresh. Below is a list of different types of braids, which are considered more popular. African boys and girls mostly choose to use these hairstyles.

However, people around the world consider African braids hairstyles for girls are an important part of the latest fashion trend. If you do not want to braid your natural hair. You can opt for braided hair extensions are available in a variety of colors and styles.

The Different Types Of Braids

There are many different types of braids hairstyles are available in the world from simpler to complicate.

  • Pixie Braids Hairstyles
  • Simple 3 Strand Braid
  • French Braid
  • Fishtail Braid
  • Boho Braids Hairstyles
  • Rope Twisted Braid
  • Milkmaid Braids
  • Waterfall Braid
  • Up Do Braid Hairstyle
  • Jasmine Hairstyles
  • Fantasy braids hairstyle
  • Half updo With Braids
  • Dutch Braid

1.Pixie Braids Hairstyles

Pixie Braids Hairstyles

It is one of the conventional braids hairstyles of African- American hairstyles. However, this style is now not limited to only America and Africa and is worn by many different people from different places. In this style, the hairs are divided into many small sections and then weave braids from each section. This style is popular in children and adults and is never going outdated.

2.Simple 3 Strand Braid

Simple Strand Braid

3.French Braid Hairstyles

French braids are very simple, stylish, and elegant. The French braid is a very artistic style of braids. This braid is woven closed to the head and is good to carry hairs away from the face.

You can do it in a double French braid too. You can go with your French braid style to a party, an office meeting and even can stay at home. It is the most delicate, sleek, and sophisticated style.

French Braid Hairstyles

What You Need

  • Hairbrush
  • Hair elastic

How you can do French braid hairstyles?

  1. Start with brushing hair using a paddle brush to smooth it and take off any knots.
  2. Then make use of your fingers to split up a two-inch part of hair from your hairline back in the crown.
  3. Make use of your fingers to split the part into 3 similar portions.
  4. Start braiding by traversing the strand with your right-hand within the strand in the center. The proper strand should easily be the center strand. Then, mix the left strand above the middle strand. The center strand should certainly the left strand.
  5. Maintain the hair tight by taking the sections from one another and contain the hair that you’ve currently braided within your left-hand. Make use of your right index finger to part hair horizontally, just over your right ear, out of your hairline returning to the middle of the head to make a new right strand.
  6. Add this in the first right part and cross the whole right part within the middle part. While holding your hair that you have just braided with your right hand, make use of your left index finger to widthwise split the same part of the hair as step 3 on your left area. Hold it properly and combine it into the first left part. Cross the left part within the middle part.
  7. Do it again Steps 5 and 6 using the next part of hair starting slightly below your right ear, then using the portion of hair starting slightly below your left ear.
  8. Start a traditional braid by changing the right part over the middle, the left the center, as well as the right back in the middle, etc., until only 3 inches loosing.
  9. Safe hair with elastic and spritz with hairspray.

4.Fishtail Braid HairstyleFishtail Braid Hairstyle

Fishtail braids are the most popular hairstyle of celebrities like movie stars, music stars, and sports stars. It gives you a very modern and cool touch to your personality. It is very common in the young generation.

You can do it on your own or by a hairstylist. This style is best suited for any type of occasion. The fishtail braid style can be done with one, two, or even three braids.

5. Boho Braids Hairstyles

Boho Braids Hairstyles

It is the hottest style of summer as it gives you a very light look and is too comfortable. It is a very youthful style. You can tie all of your hairs in this hairstyle. It can work only one side braid and can give another style to the rest of the hairs.

6.Rope Twisted Braid

Rope Twisted Braid

7.Milkmaid Braid Hairstyle


For Milkmaid braid Simple information for seeking this style yourself. It’s increasingly simple, but quote that it requires long hair to look. In case your hair isn’t of sufficient length, a thick hair extension may become a simple fix. 

Just braid it and bobby pin it into position. But make sure you get a perfect colour match for your real hair since all the faux hair is going to be together within the braid as opposed to combined with your hair. Therefore it is going to be much better to spot as fake whether it doesn’t quite match.

8.Waterfall Braid Hairstyles 

Waterfall Braid Hairstyles 

Waterfall Braid Hairstyles working perfectly for both straight and wavy hair. Waterfall updo has turned into a perfect hairstyle for the warm summer season. With no wonder as it’s super easy to DIY. It appears chic and stylish and may maintain your hair off the face (that’s very important in hot summer days). 

9. Up Do Braid Hairstyle

Up Do Braid Hairstyle

That one is difficult, and many most likely you simply won’t have the ability to do-it-yourself, ask a skilled friend or hairstylist. To be able to allow an adorable Up Do braid. 

  1. Start by separating the hair in the spot you need as being the headband. Use a fingernail, pencil, comb, or anything related.
  2.  Start the braid roughly 2 to 3 inches back on your side. Make sure there’s a nice portion of a rectangle-shaped here before starting to braid it.
  3.  Beyond this time it’s going to be time for you to decide between making a ponytail, bun, or anything else with all your Up Do French braid hairstyles
  4. To start using a ponytail or bun stop your braid approximately 2 ” out of your ear and then make a nice, tight, right corner. 
  5. If you want to make use of your locks down, end at the ear. Now start at one of the many corners you developed. Cross the strand for the far correct within the center. 
  6. Include a little hair for this strand, it was once the rightmost but this time it’s the center strand, through the right side. Now cross the far left strand within the center. 
  7. Include a little hair through the current left strand considering that the one you’re holding is now the middle strand. Continue to keep make your brain until all your loose hair continues to be formed into a braid. 
  8. Once this is completed you may follow this up by braiding other hair normally and securing it having a barrette, band, or little elastic after that you can repeat on the other hand of the head if you want.

10. Jasmine Hairstyles

Jasmine Hairstyles

Remember Aladdin’s girlfriend princess Jasmine? Steal her hair! The Jasmine French is a kind of french braids that are accomplished with the addition of in hair ties on the way to intensify the appearance. It’s a lengthy braid, however. For many people, it might be essential to obtain a wig to get this look.

11. Fantasy braids

Fantasy braids

Fantasy is among the key hair styling aspects fast-growing in attractiveness as more ladies are going for to imagine within the fairy tale being in their personality. The fantasy French braid hairstyles truly are an amazing method to enhance your individuality in fantasy symptoms, and they’ve been quite a dominating theme of hair styling. 

Among the list of celebrities who have been noticed putting on fantasy braids. Her fishtail fantasy braids had been wearing having a bit disheveled and sloppy appears, completely syncing together with her Rock star performance throughout the show. 

12. Half updo With Braids

Half updo With Braids

Fresh-do variation, that regarding fashionable side braids along with a mixture of super finished half updo with braids were noticed in the demonstrations of creative designers like Lela Rose and Jason Wu. Ideally. These types of fantasy braids have given you with plenty of examples to follow along with the French braid hairstyles.

If you’re someone who always long for details and inspiration. Hair braids happen to be an immensely well-liked hairstyle fashion statement for centuries. Perhaps they are an ideal selection for ladies with medium length and also long tresses. French braid hairstyles allow you to add significant attitude and character for your presence, helping you to differ from everyone else using your personality.

13.Dutch Braid

Dutch Braid

Take a two-inch part of the hair and begin a loose braid behind one ear. Braiding towards another ear and locking down the braid by having elastic.
Braid the rest of the hair into a loose braid. Then wrap into a bun and secure with bobby pins.

14.Two Side Braids

Fantasy braids hairstyle

This style may look a bit school-like. However, it only depends upon the way you put it on. Get motivated from the images below. These braids are made very much the same since a single side braid. First, part your hair into halves and after that braid each half normally. The two braids could be interconnected or left holding at your discernment.