10 Amazing Health Benefits of Kombucha Tea


Kombucha is right up there compared to many drinks. It is a beverage made
through a fermentation process where black tea and sugar mixed with a specific
culture known as SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) to produce a
fizzy, sweet, and sour drink.

The yeast in the SCOBY converts or somewhat breaks the sugars into acetic and
ethanol acids releasing probiotic bacteria, with i’ts distinctive taste coming from the
acetic acid.(1), (2), (3)

It becomes carbonated after fermentation; that’s why it’s mildly fizzy and slightly
sour drink.

Whether you drink it for that sour taste or the purported health benefits, Kombucha
has a history of human health.

It may help fight many diseases, kill harmful bacteria, and contains antioxidants,
especially when made from green tea, which has a positive effect on your liver by
reducing liver toxicity.

Have you ever made Kombucha at home? If no, it’s effortless, you need to
purchase a kombucha starter kit, which mainly is easy to find online. The package
has the necessary starter tea, SCOBY, and other ingredients along with general
instructions. Other components are:
● Cold filtered water.
● Sugar
● Tea

How do you make Kombucha?

Boil water and steep your favorite tea, stir in sugar as per your liking and let it
dissolve, let it cool and add starter tea and SCOBY. Cover it and leave it to ferment
in a cool dark place for one week, covered with a layer of cloth and rubber band.
Let it fizz; the longer it stays, the fizzier it becomes once complete, bottle, and
store in the fridge ready for serving.

Kombucha has many flavors, and this includes:
● Blueberry
● Lemon
● Ginger
● Green tea
● Raspberry

What are the health benefits of Kombucha

1. Weight loss

If you are looking for a beverage with less sugar and fewer calories, then
Kombucha can be an alternative to maintain or lose weight.

Green tea which makes Kombucha can aid weight loss, and more calories burned
by people or somewhat obese people who took green tea according to a 2008
study. And they lost weight compared to those who did not.

Did you know that sugars are high in empty calories? Yes, they are, and that’s why
if consumed in excess, you take more calories than you burn, thus resulting in
weight gain.

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Amazingly most of the sugars in Kombucha are fermented, but little remains in the
final product, Yes kombucha isn’t sugar free, but you can’t compare it with a typical

You can drink Kombucha before meals, and it can prevent overeating, controlling
your food intake.

Or rather, you can add ingredients or desires spices to control your cravings in your

2. Kombucha Improve liver health

Antioxidants found in kombucha help fight molecules that can damage cells with
the ability to detoxify the liver and body according to the most recent research
2011. Also, they believe antioxidants be it from a beverage or food, are right for
your body than the antioxidants supplements.

Thus Kombucha, especially if made with green tea, can reduce liver inflammation
and also promote a healthy liver.

Also, further rat studies show drinking kombucha on a regular basis decreased the
level of acidity reactive substance in the liver. More research is needed, though, to
back up the benefit.

The Fact is Kombucha is rich in antioxidants; therefore, it protects the liver from
toxins, studies have shown.

3. Kombucha Prevents cancer

According to evidence, drinking kombucha could help in the world’s leading cause
of death, which is cancer.

Based on the antioxidant properties found in Kombucha, they help prevent
substances that help promote the growth and spread of cancerous cells and also rid
the body of free radicals.

Not well understood how this works; however, the polyphenols promote cancer cell
death, block the gene mutation, and of course, the growth of cancer cells.
You might be surprised that most tea lovers are unlikely to get or develop certain
types of cancers. Study shows. It’s a magic drink, nothing else to say.

4. Kombucha is Source of Probiotics good for your gut

Due to the process of fermentation in Kombucha, the beverage is rich in probiotics,
a 2014 study shows.

Consumption of probiotics improves gut health. They help with balancing blood
sugars, immunity, and digestion if you have the right balance of the microbes in
your gut.

The probiotics come from the yeast and sugars in the scooby, and the benefits are
similar to those you can find on fermented beverages or foods even though they
are different.

Overall, Kombucha is a healthy fermented beverage with excellent sources of
probiotics, which makes it have many health benefits.

5. Kombucha Reduce Heart Disease

Healthy lifestyle changes can improve the risk of heart disease, which is also the
leading cause of death worldwide. Heart disease increases the risk of stroke or
heart attack.

Just by incorporating exercise, medication, a healthy balanced diet, and of course,
Kombucha is things to include for you to live a healthy lifestyle.

Kombucha influence cholesterol levels in 30days, with most importantly, green tea
protecting cholesterol particles from oxidation.

High cholesterol is the cause of heart disease. Green tea lovers or addicts have a
lower chance of developing heart disease, and Kombucha applies that.

6. Immune system

The healthy-gut benefits from Kombucha provide an immune system or instead
helps to improve the immune system.

Probiotics from fermented beverages and food strengthen natural defenses in
humans against illness and harmful microbes.

Kombucha has vitamin C and DSL, which can fend off the tumor, cell damage, and

7. Infection risk

When Kombucha is fermented, acetic acid, also found in vinegar, is produced.

Kombucha has been able to fight bacteria and kill microbes, according to a study
carried out in 2000. Thus, it can prevent infection by killing bacteria before they are
absorbed in the body.

8. May help manage type 2 diabetes

Kombucha may help manage type 2 diabetes, which is characterized by insulin
resistance and high blood sugar levels, a 2012 study shows.

Further study shows Kombucha slowed down the digestion of mostly carbs,
reducing blood sugar levels.

In Fact Kombucha made of green tea is more way beneficial as green tea has been
shown to reduce blood sugar levels.

9. Mental health

Drinking probiotic-rich Kombucha can help promote positive mental health. The
anti-inflammatory effect of kombucha help alleviate symptoms of depression.

There is strong evidence that probiotics may help treat depression according to a
2017 review.(2)

They looked at several studies and concluded that. However, to prove how effective
they are, further studies are needed.

10. Kombucha is healthy

Kombucha has potential health benefits with its richness in probiotic.
The most crucial thing is to make sure you have made it properly after purchasing
from stores or if you are making it home.

Note, over-fermented or contaminated Kombucha is dangerous and can even cause

The safer way is to buy bottled Kombucha at the store.

Bottom line

Kombucha has many health benefits; however, the evidence of health effects is
limited. Remember, the research is still ongoing.

Nonetheless, there are benefits of probiotics and tea based on evidence and are
both found in Kombucha.

In general, Kombucha is a probiotic-rich beverage to enjoy as part of a healthy
diet, if made bought in-store or prepared adequately.


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