10 Best Rope Sandals in 2021

With summer around the corner, rope sandals are a must have in your wardrobe. Inspired by the roman gladiators’ footwear, the modern and chic rope sandals are comfortable and breezy styled with tassels, myriads, and appliques.

From fashion shows to fashion influencers, you will find stylish rope sandals being flaunted everyone. They are extremely comfortable footwear, like walking on plush carpet with good fitting.

Best Rope Sandals

Here are the best rope sandals available in the market so that you can add one or more pairs to your collection for the summer.

1. Handmade Rope Sandal

Handmade Rope Sandal

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Nomadic State of Mind JC sandals are handmade and woven sandals suitable for both men and women. If you love the feeling of being barefoot without being barefoot, these are the sandal for you. They are ultra-comfortable and ideal for globe trotting and island-hopping explorations. They feature twisted rope design with six crisscross straps along with an adjustable backstrap for perfect fit.

Mind JC sandals are lightweight, weighing less than 10 ounces perfect for traveling light. They are the perfect kickback and relax footwear for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, festivals, etc. They fit perfectly while allowing your feet to enjoy fresh air. The top and bottom is made from super soft polypropylene to mold to the contour of your feet. They are comfortable, durable, and flexible and can be easily cleaned in the machine wash.

2. Handmade Adjustable Rope Shoes – Machine Washable

Handmade Adjustable Rope Shoes

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Nomadic State of Mind Lounger sandals are comfortable and lightweight footwear with adjustable back strap for perfect fit. They feature an open toed style and a sophisticated design on the top to secure hold the feet and prevent drifting while walking. They are perfect for lounging around the house or attending outdoor activities.

The polypropylene ropes provide strength and durability. The material flexes with movement so that the sandals do not stretch out of shape. They are made of ropes completely without a rubber sole. They become softer with frequently use and the knotty texture is soft and not scratchy on your sockless feet. The sandals are vegan and cruelty free. They can be cleaned in a machine washer and dryer.

3. Comfortable & Lightweight Rope Sandals

Comfortable & Lightweight Rope Sandal

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Nomadic State of Mind Moksha sandals are made of polypropylene, both the top and the sole. These sandals are design to help spread your toes, which in turn helps with balance and aliment throughout the body. You can adjust the toe spreaders to go between each toe or wrap it around the big and little toe only.

They are suited for any activity. The material of the sandal molds to your feet, flexes with your movement, and does not bend out of shape. These sandals are durable, soft, lightweight, and comfortable and does not scratches your feet. You can clean them in the washing machine.

4. Nomadic State of Mind Flip Flop Sandals

Nomadic State of Mind Flip Flop Sandals

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Nomadic State of Mind Flip Flop sandals is design for casual wear. There is a backstrap for sable fit so you can enjoy adventurous activities as well as leisure ones such as walking on the beach. These durable and strong sandals are comfortable and flexes with your movement without stretching or causing scratching.

Flip Flop sandals are ultra light, weighing under 10 ounces. They get softer with each use. They are made from reclaimed polypropylene cord by expert artisans to wrap around your feet in an eco-friendly manner. You can wash them in a machine and dry them either in the dryer or air dry. The color dyes do not fade in the wash.

5. Rope Sandals For Men & Women

Rope Sandals For Men & Women

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Nomadic State of Mind Romano sandals are made of recycled polypropylene. They feature five-point adjustability and interchangeable laces. They allow you to switch up your gladiator style all summer. The adjustable tassels above your ankle gives you option. The fitting is perfect and secure, so you go anywhere you want.

The material in the twisted style offers durability and strength. The sandals in addition to flexibility and firm shape, also offers heel lift benefits. The lightweight sandals get softer with use and can be easily cleaned in the washing machine and dryer.

6. Skechers Women's Slingback Sandal

Skechers Women's Slingback Sandal

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Skechers women’s slingback sandals features slim-forget knotted and web gore open toe. The sole is made from synthetic material. The platform height is about 0.75 inches. The footbed is equipped with memory foam to cushion your feet and provide comfort.

The contoured footbed provides additional comfort and support. It is perfect for women who prefer both comfort and style for their feet.

7. Handmade Hemp Gladiator Rope Sandals

Handmade Hemp Gladiator Rope Sandals


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Handmade Hemp Gladiator rope sandals are unisex summer shoes made with durable and soft polypropylene rope. These sandals feature a non-slip sole which are perfect for beach and other summer activities.

They are lightweight so you can carry them with you anywhere. There is an adjustable heel strap for suitable fit. The sandals conform to the form of your feet for comfortable wear. They are machine washable and vegan friendly.

8. Plaka Flat Sandals for Women

Plaka Flat Sandals for Women


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Plaka flat sandals for women are stylish footwear for your summer outings. The sandals are durable and comfort to wear all day long for many years to come. The design easily compliments any summer look you wish to create.

The soles are made from high quality rubber and the top section features hand woven nylon material which expands to fit your feet perfectly. The sandals are soft to wear and does not rub against the skin or create blisters.

9. Women's Comfortable Walking Sandals

Women's Comfortable Walking Sandals


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MEGNYA women’s comfortable walking sandals feature an arch support for comfort during walking, hiking, beach, traveling, and other activities. The braided rope design is stylish and durable. The waterproof EVA sole feels soft to the feet. The upper section of the sandals is made using hand woven nylon cord. Soles are made from high-quality synthetic material.

The back strap can be easily adjusted to achieve a comfortable and well fitted position. The sandals do not slip while walking and stays on your feet. The lightweight and chic sandals are all you need on any outdoor activity.

10. Plaka Flat Gladiator Sandals

Plaka Flat Gladiator Sandals


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Plaka flat gladiator sandals are comfortable and fashionable sandals to have during summer. They compliment all summer looks be it a formal dress or casual outfit. These sandals are hand woven with care and intricate detail. The soles are made from vegan friendly exceptionally durable rubber.

The top woven part is made of a stretch to fit premium nylon strap design to avoid blisters and rubbing. These sandals are comfortable to wear exploring the town, on the beach, by the pool, traveling, even weddings.


Rope sandals can be a great addition to your summer look as they are comfortable, suitable for summer weather, fashionable, and easy to wear. You can choose based on your preference of material and look of the shoe. These are high quality and durable options to enjoy for years to come, anywhere and with most summer outfits.