The Best Foods for Healthy Skin

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Eat Your Way to Fabulous Skin

Having clear, healthy skin is as much about using the right products as it is giving the body proper nutrients. The foods we eat contain vitamins and minerals which allow our skin to stay healthy. Also, to help our organs work at maximum levels. 

Usually, the outward appearance is dictated by what you eat and drink, so choosing healthy and nutritious foods are naturally better for you and your skin. Here are the five best foods for your skin:


This vegetable contains pigments known as beta-carotene, and when consumed regularly they can give your skin a healthy, natural glow.

Beta-carotene has also been shown to counteract damage from a little too much time in the sun and may help you reverse signs of aging. 

Eating too much beta-carotene can leave you with an orange-y glow, which is known as carotenosis. Find beta-carotene in carrots, as well as red grapefruit, red bell pepper, and sweet potatoes.


 Not all beans are created equal, and the best ones for your skin are legumes. Legumes are filled with fiber (which helps your digestion stay on track and remove toxins from the body), protein, vitamins, and minerals for improved health and cell renewal. 

Incorporating beans into daily meals increase your intake of isoflavones, which are antioxidants. Examples of legumes are peas, alfalfa, lentils, and lupins.


 While we are usually trying to avoid fat, avocados contain healthy fat which improves skin appearance and internal functioning.

 Fats found in olive oil and avocados are monosaturated. These are hydrated skin from the inside out. 

Avocado is better than olive oil. It contains B vitamins, which also improves the skin’s appearance.


 Polyphenols have a variety of benefits, from protecting the heart against stroke and heart attack to providing the skin with antioxidants to combat the appearance of aging.

 Polyphenols help restore collagen to the skin, which reduces fine lines and wrinkles. You can find polyphenols in blueberries, grapes, and fresh grape juice.


 This fish contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for improving skin health and brain health. The fat found in salmon hydrates skin from the inside out, leaving it soft and supple. 

Not everyone can (or wants) to eat fish, so you can find omega-3 supplements at the vitamin store or incorporate walnuts or flaxseed into your daily meals.