Why Is My Poop Green And How to Prevent It?

Poop Green: Possible Causes

So you have green poop and you don’t know what to do about it. Does green poop warrant a trip to the doctor? Should you be worried about your verdant feces? What’s the scoop on green poop?

Having green poop can mean a number of things. Most of the time there isn’t anything to worry about.

What Causes Green Poop?

1. It’s probably something you ate

The most common explanation for people having green poop is from consuming a lot of food or drinks that are darkly colored or green/blue colored, which is usually the sugary type. 

Some examples of things that can cause green poop are:

  • kale
  • spinach
  • broccoli
  • blueberries

The food you eat can have a big impact on the color of your stools. If you eat a lot of green leafy types of vegetables. You could also get green poop because they have a lot of chlorophyll.

2. Bile pigment

One of the things that it can mean is that your stools have passed through your body faster than they normally do. Bile helps to soften your stools, and will eventually give them the normal brown color. 

Green poop could indicate that your stool had passed through your body too quickly to change from green to brown color. Having food poisoning and diarrhea could also cause green poop. 

Diarrhea will make your stools pass more quickly through your body, so your poop doesn’t have enough time to change from green to brown. Some other conditions that can cause green poop are irritable bowel syndrome, traveler’s diarrhea, and infectious diarrhea.

3. Antibiotics and other medications

 Laxatives can cause the same effect on your body and your poop.

Another cause of green poop can be from having too much iron in your body. This can be caused by taking supplements or many other things. The excess iron won’t be absorbed by the body and in turn, can turn your poop green.

It’s common to see green poop in babies after they are born. The poop will eventually start to turn brown, but if the baby is breastfed the stools may remain soft and yellow and not turn brown until the baby starts to eat other foods.

4.Medication Side Effects

Some other things that can cause green poop are medication side effects, Crohn’s disease, Celiac disease, malabsorption, and bacterial overgrowth, antibiotic usage, etc.

So, don’t worry, green poop is actually quite common! And, chances are that you are perfectly fine.

How to Prevent Green Poop

Green poop is usually not a cause for concern, but many of us want it to return its illustrious, natural brown shade. As scary as it sounds, it’s actually not that hard to do.

Instead of posting on too many health boards about the virile, foresty color of yesterday’s lunch, follow these tips instead to prevent green poop.

1.Prevent Green Poop: Cut the Iron

If your diet is rich in iron, or you have recently increased the amount of iron you consume, your poop will inevitably turn green. To prevent green poop, simply reduce your iron intake.

Taking iron supplements? Lower the dose or stop cold turkey (with doctor’s approval, of course). Watch the green fade away.

Are you eating too many iron-rich foods? Lower your intake.

Bad news for bodybuilders: iron-rich foods include most meats, seafood, green leafy vegetables, dried beans, most nuts, and dried fruits.

Egg yolks also contain a substantial amount of iron. If you can’t sacrifice a lean core, learn to live with the familiar aroma of iron-colored stools.

2.Prevent Green Poop: Dye Out Food Coloring

Foods with rich green, blue, or even black color also cause green stools. Most of the time, if you have not altered your diet, food coloring is the culprit.

Kool-Aid is well known for dying food all colors of the rainbow, along with licorice, most processed junk food, and cereal.

If you want to prevent green poop, put away the Lucky Charms and stop chugging the Kool-Aid. It’s not healthy, either.

3.Prevent Green Poop: Check Your Vitamins

Strangely enough, what might be good for you could factor in on its color. Some vitamins, including vitamins with iron, can stain poop green (even bright green in some instances).

You won’t die from pinching too many Irish loaves. The best way to lose its interesting color is to change vitamins. Look for vitamins that are not iron-fortified, as it will brighten the color of your poop.

4.Prevent Green Poop: Be Kind to Yourself

Like with most bowel issues, eating right and drinking plenty of water goes a long way. In this case, all the way to your stools. If you haven’t already, make sure to drink eight full glasses of water per day.

Don’t forget to get those veggies (the non-iron kind) in and get plenty of exercises to normalize your stools.

The health of your body? Utterly important. Prevent green poop by altering your diet and treating yourself right. You’ll be “blown” away by the results.