Which is the Best Yoga for Women?

Best Yoga for Women

Best Yoga for Women

There are so many different types of Yoga. It can be hard to choose the best Yoga for women. Yoga has probably become the most popular form of exercise for women. Since it arrived in the U.S. at the turn of the last century.

You will find Yoga studios opening up in every city around the country.Women in hot pants (a wonderful trend indeed!) can be seen traveling to and from their Yoga classes every day.

Not sure what is the best Yoga for women like you?

Best Yoga for Women: Tips for Choosing the Right Style

Finding the best Yoga for women is about choosing the style that matches your needs best. If you’re an athletic woman that has already trained in gymnastics, martial arts, Pilates, or anything else. You may want to look into the more active forms of Yoga.

You’ll be able to get a good workout, tone your muscles, but still enjoy the relaxing benefits of Yoga.

If you’re not quite as athletic or you’re just getting into exercise for the first time. You may want to consider a more relaxing form of Yoga – one that focuses more on meditation.

Yoga will help you to get in shape, but that won’t push you too hard just yet. For those with joint problems like arthritis. Yoga can help to deal with the problem – but only the right styles.

Some styles will involve too much movement and activity, which can strain the already damaged joints in your body.

Ask yourself these questions before you start doing Yoga?

  • If am I doing it to get in shape?
  • Am I doing it to deal with an injury, a medical condition, or aging?
  • Is doing Yoga to synchronize mind and body?
  • Am I doing it for exercise or the meditative and spiritual benefits?

Once you have the answers to these questions, you’re ready to choose the best Yoga for women like you!

Best Yoga for Women: Poses of Yoga

Here are the Poses of Yoga most commonly practiced in the U.S.. The poses you can choose from to find the best Yoga for women like you:

1. Power Yoga

For anyone that has gone through the P90X program, Power Yoga is familiar to you. This type of Yoga is all about building upper body strength, increasing flexibility, developing core power, and improving your balance.

There isn’t much rest in this type of Yoga. The goal is to work hard and develop muscles. This is for those that want to get in shape doing Yoga. It will help them to develop their power and energy a lot more.

2. Ashtanga Yoga

While it’s not quite as upbeat and active as Power Yoga. Ashtanga Yoga is also about developing strength and power. It is a traditional style of Yoga. The classes involve non-stop action and cycling through the poses.

All of the poses are fairly vigorous and will have your muscles shaking by the end of the class. There is a special breathing technique that is taught only by this style of Yoga. It is a great form of Yoga to do for women that want to push their bodies a bit harder.

3. Bikram Yoga

This is also known as “Hot Yoga”. This is because you spend the entire class in a room that is heated to over 100 degrees. This Yoga is all about sweating the impurities out of your body.

The 26 poses and stretches used in this style help to cleanse your body effectively. The poses aren’t too hard. You’ll find that the heat and copious amounts of sweat rolling off your body make it quite tiring.

This is a good class for beginners. It can be dangerous for those with diabetes, hypertension, and other health problems.

4. Iyengar Yoga

If you want to relax and do a form of Yoga that is slow-paced and meditative. Iyengar Yoga is the best Yoga for women like you. It pays attention to every little detail of your form and poses. It will help you to correct your alignment in every one of the poses.

You’ll use props – belts, blocks, etc. – to help you get the poses right. It will  great for beginners brand new to Yoga. It’s great to work out the kinks in an injured back, knee, or shoulder and can help anyone loosen up a bit.

5. Viniyoga

For those who want to take it easy and relax with their Yoga sessions. Viniyoga is the Yoga of choice. It is a form of Yoga focused mostly on breathing. You will focus on your breath as you settle into each pose.

It involves a lot of stretching. You will feel the stretches deep in your muscles as you inhale and exhale deeply. It is another beginner form of Yoga. It can help you to get used to Yoga poses and stretches.

6. Hatha Yoga

This form of Yoga is all about focusing on the physical aspects of your poses. Rather than worrying about breathing and relaxing. You’ll find that this form of Yoga is good for anyone. It will take into account the expertise levels of all attendants to ensure a good workout.

7. Kundalini Yoga

This is the most spiritual of all the types of Yoga. The focus is to awaken the energy within your spine. The classes involve a lot of meditation exercises. You learn breathing techniques that help to reduce stress. It’s not as much focusing on the positions. The emphasis is placed on the spiritual and mental techniques.


So which is the best for you? It all depends on what your goals are. The best Yoga for women that want to get in shape is Ashtanga and Power Yoga, while the best Yoga for women. If you want need to relax could be Kundalini Yoga or Viniyoga.