What are the Health Benefits of Brown Rice?

The Health Benefits of Brown Rice

The Health Benefits of Brown Rice

Brown rice is often thought of as a “health” food, and for good reason! Brown rice is far more healthy for our bodies than white rice is.

Unfortunately, when all of these layers are removed, we lose almost all of the nutritional content of rice and are left with nothing more than a refined starch. The main purpose of removing all of these hulls of the rice, to produce white rice, is that these layers consist of essential fats.

When we start to process rice, the fats become susceptible to oxidation when exposed to air. This will make the rice go bad quickly. By removing these layers of essential fats, we extend the rice shelf life, making it a much more marketable product.

This convenience to the manufacturers takes away a great deal of the benefits that we can gain from rice. The milling process to make white rice takes away 67% of Vitamin B3, 80% of Vitamin B1, 90% of Vitamin B6, and 60% of Iron.

This process also removes all of the natural dietary fiber as well as the natural essential fatty acids. Fortunately, by choosing to eat brown rice, instead of white rice, we can still ensure that we gain almost all of the nutritional value possible from the rice.

1. Weight Lose

Yes, losing weight is hard work. But if you can eat foods that will keep you full longer, then it will be so much easier. Brown rice is one of these foods.

Why will eating brown rice help you lose weight?

The answer lies in the high fiber content of this nutritious grain.

To understand the benefits of brown rice, let’s take a look at how it’s produced and how it differs from white rice. The production of brown rice removes only the hull, leaving a lot of the fiber and nutritious value intact. The bran, or the brown skin, is still intact on the rice grain.

White rice, in comparison, is only the starchy middle of the rice grain, which has much less nutritive and fiber value. In fact, the process of polishing brown rice into white rice destroys 90 percent of the vitamin B6 and over half of the manganese, phosphorus, iron, and other nutrients. It also removes all of the dietary fiber, which is what we are concerned with.

The fiber takes up volume in your stomach, keeping you full longer. To see the benefits of the brown rice fiber first hand, eat a large bowl of the pure brown rice accompanied with generous amounts of pure water.

Another thing that will complement your brown rice diet and keep you fuller longer is eating plenty of lean protein. This does not mean gorging yourself on bacon or any greasy meat. Rather, eat lots of tuna fish (packed in water, not oil) or super-lean chicken breasts or eggs. Plain boiled eggs with some soy sauce or salt is an idea.

2. Colon Cancer

For those worried about colon cancer risk, eating brown rice and other high fiber foods will help keep your colon healthy and polyp-free. The high fiber content increases bowel movement, reducing constipation, and decreasing the amount of time that dangerous cancer-causing agents are exposed to your colon cells.

So grab a pot and cook up some brown rice. Many people find the texture and sweet tinge tastier than white rice. And you’ll know that you’re getting your daily dose of vitamins and fiber with every bite. And losing weight at the same time without getting too hungry. Sounds like good food to me.

3. Type 2 Diabetes

Studies of brown rice have shown that it lowers the risk of Type 2 Diabetes significantly. Because of its high levels of magnesium, it aids in the body’s use of glucose and insulin secretion. Magnesium also prevents the symptoms of asthma, the risk of stroke, lower high blood pressure, and heart attack. It also helps in lessen the frequency of migraine headaches.

4. Brown Rice Hair Treatment

The number of young women with thinning hair is increasing every year. This is due to stress, climate change, and the increasing level of unhealthy lifestyle and diet in our country. There are many other individual factors as well of course, but the ones that affect all women are the hardest ones to avoid.

What’s even more troubling, is the products that are available for our hair can sometimes have ingredients that aren’t very natural and can end up harming your hair instead of helping it get stronger. Many products are simply aimed toward just cleansing your hair and ridding it of oil and dirt – as well as natural oils and nutrients that your hair needs to get thick and long!

If you want bouncy, full, shining hair, then the best way to get it is to use the safest and natural things available to you. One of the best things to use for your hair is brown rice, and it’s no surprise why!

Brown rice contains several nutrients such as vitamins E, B1, B3, and B6, as well as potassium, folacin, and tons, and tons of fiber! Not only is each tiny grain of brown rice full of nutrients and minerals that your hair needs to heal and grow, but it’s a starchy, easy to use an ingredient that can save your thinning hair right in your own home.


  • organic rice flour
  • egg white
  • water

How to use Brown Rice For Hair Treatment

You can take organic rice flour, some cool water, and an egg white. Mix all ingredients such as flour, egg white, and about a Dixie cup full of water in a small glass or ceramic bowl. Using a small metal whisk is very effective, and will make your mixture frothy and even easier to apply to your hair.

When you use this hair treatment, think of it as a facial mask – except it’s for your hair. In essence, it’s doing the same thing that a facial mask does. It’s ridding your hair of certain harmful things like excess oils and dirt.

It’s filling any damaged parts of your hair with nutrients and vitamins that can heal and protect it. It’s also helping to moisturize and rejuvenate your hair, letting it look natural and thick without looking too artificially poofy. It also helps prevent and rid your hair of split ends!

After you’ve made your brown rice treatment, apply it from your roots and down to the ends of your hair. Massage gently against your scalp and into the areas where your hair naturally parts. After you’ve applied your brown rice treatment to your entire head of hair, simply wait about 6-10 minutes.

Rinse your hair with cool water until your rinse water runs clear. This is a great treatment to use before bed because it will continue to work during the night even after you rinse it off! Then, when you shower in the morning, your hair will feel thicker and more full even after you wash it with your normal, favorite

5. Healthy Bones

Brown rice is an excellent source of manganese. Manganese helps keep our bones strong and healthy, and also helps to synthesize cholesterol and fatty acids. Manganese also helps those with insulin resistance to maintain their blood sugar levels.

Brown rice is also high in selenium and magnesium. Selenium is important for the protection of your body’s cells from free-radical damage and thyroid function. Magnesium is essential for proper blood circulation, and healthy bones and muscles.

6. Rich In Fiber

Brown rice is also a great source of fiber. Fiber is a necessary part of a healthy diet. A lack of fiber in your diet can cause digestive problems such as intestinal blockage and constipation. Just one cup of brown rice contributes your body with 14% of the daily value recommended for fiber.

Brown rice has also been shown to encourage lower LDL cholesterol levels. Brown rice is also an excellent food choice for those looking to lose weight, or maintain weight loss. Brown rice is very filling, and at just 216 calories per cup. it is a great way to fill you up and not fill you out!


Brown rice can be prepared the same way that white rice can, and has a better flavor than white rice. Since it is better for you, it is the more logical choice when purchasing rice for your family. Brown rice is the perfect way to provide tasty and healthy meals that your family will be sure to enjoy!