The Health Risks of Snoring – Is Your Snoring Problem Making You Sick?

Health Risks of Snoring

The Health Risks of Snoring

Did you know that there are risks of snoring? You may not think that sawing a few logs as you sleep at night. It can be dangerous for your health.

You may be putting yourself at risk if you continue to snore all night every night. Not only will it make it impossible for your spouse to get a solid night’s sleep.

Is Snoring Bad For Health?

You could be harming your body in several ways. Below, you will find everything you need to know about your snoring problems. The health issues they may be causing.

1. Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is the fancy medical way of saying “problems with your breathing as you sleep”. The truth is that it can be quite problematic.

There are several things that can cause sleep apnea. Snoring is usually an indicator that something’s wrong. You will find that sleep apnea is often characterized by periods when you aren’t breathing properly.
Even some times when you’re not breathing at all. This can be very dangerous. It can lead to all kinds of problems – not the least of which is poor sleeping habits.

Snoring is often caused by an obstruction of your airways. You may end up suffocating yourself as you sleep. Sleep apnea can be dangerous. It’s important to deal with your snoring problems ASAP!

2.  Coronary Problems

An interesting study was done in 2008, and the published results showed that those that snore and suffer from sleep apnea often have a harder time losing weight.

The exercise they did affect, but not as much of an effect as it had on those that didn’t have sleep apnea. The study also showed that those with sleep apnea may be more likely to develop heart problems. A very real threat in a country where heart disease was one of the main killers in 2012.

Those who can’t lose weight even though exercise will be at a much greater risk of developing heart problems.

3.  Lower Sex Drive

You may not connect your snoring problem with erectile dysfunction or a lower sex drive, but the truth is that the two may have a lot in common.

One of the speculated causes of lower sex drive is the reduced blood flow through the body, due to the obstructed airways. When you don’t get enough oxygen in your lungs, there’s not enough flowing around your body.

Circulation plays a key role in sexual health, so reduced circulation means less blood flow to the areas where blood flow is vital. Another cause of reduced sex drive is the effect snoring may have on the interaction between partners.

No one wants to get sexy with their spouse when they’re angry at them for snoring all night long. It can affect the sexual interactions between partners.

4. Poor Sleep Habits

Snoring isn’t guaranteed to cause poor sleeping habits. There is always the risk that your snoring can lead to your sleeping poorly at night. How does it happen? Let’s say you snore a whole night through.

You wake up in the morning, and both you and your spouse are tired – though for different reasons. You feel so sleepy in the middle of the day that you have to take a nap, and you sleep for an hour.

When it comes time to go to bed at night. You can’t get to sleep. So you end up sleeping fewer hours than normal. The next day the cycle continues. You snored all night again – and into a downward spiral, it goes.

Snoring isn’t one of the things that doctors consider a ‘definite’ cause of poor sleeping habits. It can certainly make things difficult for both you and your spouse.

5. Mood Swings

Anger and frustration as one of the results of snoring. This may be the anger and frustration that your spouse feels towards you. You snore into their ear all night long – and this anger is very understandable.

You may be frustrated because you’re just so tired every morning. But you can’t figure out why. Your mood may constantly be shifting. Mood swings are common when you’re tired and aren’t sleeping well.

6. Dangerous Driving

If you are tired when you leave home in the morning. Imagine how sleepy you’ll be near the end of an 8-hour workday. You may live on coffee, but no amount of coffee can make up for a lack of sleep during the night.

When you snore, you ruin your sleep at night, which makes you sleepy during the day. If you’re drowsy while driving to and from work. You are at a much greater risk of having an accident.
Drowsy driving is becoming much more common, and it can be a serious problem.

How to Deal with Your Snoring Problems

If you find that you are a snorer at night. You must take steps to correct the problem as quickly as possible. All of these health risks above are potential side effects of your snoring. You may go on snoring for years without noticing any problems.

Even if you don’t notice anything wrong. It’s still important that you deal with the problem before it worsens. Snoring will almost always get worse as you age. Which means that you’re more likely to develop more serious conditions like sleep apnea.

You don’t want to sleep hooked up to a CPAP machine just to stay alive while you sleep, do you?

If you take care of your snoring problem now. It will prevent many more problems from arising in the future. The health risks of snoring are many, and it’s up to you to deal with them!