The Best Anti Aging Acne Fighting Tips

Anti-Aging Tips for Your Skin

Anti-Aging Tips for Your Skin

It’s important that you start using anti-aging acne fighting creams and products. Your acne may end up causing your skin to age more quickly than it should. The constant infections of bacteria in your skin will eliminate a lot of nutrients. You may find that the condition of your skin will get worse and worse as your acne spreads.

We’ve got some great tips to help you keep your skin young and healthy. No matter how bad that acne may be. Here is what you can do for some hardcore anti-aging acne fighting in your day:

Anti Aging Acne Fighting: Your Steps to Healthier Skin

Acne can be a real problem, and it’s one that you often can do little about. Well, that’s not quite true, as many lifestyle and cleanliness habits will help you prevent an acne outbreak. Here are your steps to having healthier, younger skin with less effort and far less acne:

1. Use a Gentler Face Wash

The first thing that you should do in the morning is to apply a good cleanser to your face. You’ve got all the dead skin cells from your pillow building up on your face, so allowing them to remain there will usually just promote acne breakouts.

Use a good cleanser with salicylic acid, as that will slough off all the dead skin cells and leave your face cleaner and healthier! (Tip: Those with older skin should try and use a gentler cream. Salicylic acid is fairly strong, and it can damage your skin.

If you are older than 40, your skin may not be able to repair itself easily after using a full-strength salicylic acid product, so use a night cream for acne.

2. Exfoliate Weekly

Anti Aging Acne Fighting Tips

Once you’ve washed your face with the cleanser. Give your face a thorough once over in the mirror. See if you’ve got wrinkles breaking out around the corners of your eyes or mouth, or if that furrow in your brow is getting deeper.

For the spots that are getting wrinkled or aging. Apply an anti-aging cream to revitalize the skin. If there is no aging but a lot of acne. Use an exfoliator or a clay face mask to help get rid of the acne problems. You’ll only need the face mask once a week. It will do wonders for the health of your skin.

3. Use a Richer Face Cream

Do you know what is causing your acne to break out? If it’s your hormones, there’s not much you can do about it. If, however, it is the oil-based cosmetics and skin products you are using that are responsible for your acne.

It’s time to go shopping for some new cosmetics and skin products. Look for moisturizing lotions and creams that are non-comedogenic . They won’t promote acne breakouts. Make sure that the anti-aging creams that you buy will not cause acne.

4. Avoid the “Butters”

While shea butter, coconut butter, almond butter, and all the other natural “butter” will be excellent for the health of your skin. They’re loaded with fats that can cause acne to break out.

You’ll find that all of these butter can cause new acne to form. The thick fats in the butter can clog your pore. You can use silicone or gel-based products to keep your skin moist. They’ll do the job without causing acne to be a problem.

5. Fight Stress

Stress won’t only be the villain to blame for your acne. It can speed up the aging of your skin. Stress will cause your body to produce excess skin oil. It will naturally increase the chances that your skin pores will get clogged.

It’s time to fight stress. You can do so by relaxing, meditating, doing yoga, and enjoying yourself. If your skin is aging and showing signs of stress – including breakouts of acne – it’s time to find the stresses and cut them out of your life as much as possible!

6. Visit Your Endocrinologist

Remember that a lot of the acne problems that you will face won’t necessarily be caused by your stress, your diet, or your genetics.  They will be the result of hormonal imbalances. If your body is filled with the wrong hormones. There’s little that you can do to correct it.

You’ll need to visit a hormone specialist – an endocrinologist – and see what he recommends. The best solution for getting your hormones stable. Once your hormones have been stabilized, your hormonal acne should go away.

7. Keep Trying

So it’s been a couple of days or weeks. Your skin isn’t showing signs of improvement. Well, the acne may be a bit less visible, but those pesky age lines are still there.

That’s to be expected, and you need to remember that healing of any sort takes time. Just because you’re not seeing results right away, that doesn’t mean that your efforts aren’t yielding any.

These efforts have helped to improve your skin health tremendously. The lower levels of skin that you can’t see are already much healthier, you just need to keep going to see the health benefits on the top layer of skin.

Anti Aging Acne Fighting: Consider Radical Options

If you’ve tried all of the above tips for weeks. Still your skin is breaking out in acne and aging quickly. It may be time to do something a bit more drastic. Visit your local dermatologist, and see what he recommends as a useful treatment option for your acne and aging.

Perhaps a chemical peel will help to restore your skin, or blue light treatment will get rid of that acne and those age lines at the same time. Find out what he recommends as the best anti-aging acne fighting treatment.