Sunless Tanning Lotion Application Tips for Beginners

Sunless Tanning Lotion

Sunless Tanning Lotion

Using sunless tanning lotions is a great way to achieve tan for people who cannot afford to go to the tanning salons and for people living in areas, which never get enough sunlight.

This article has sunless tanning lotion application tips for beginners. These tips are going to be helpful from the beginning until the end of the process.

A couple of days before applying the Sunless Tanning Lotion


Exfoliation of dead skin cells is extremely necessary for the tanning lotion to set well onto the skin. Any drugstore exfoliator will do the job. 

Start exfoliating a couple of days before the application of sunless tanning lotion. In the shower, use a cotton washcloth instead of the nylon pouf.


Dry patches on the skin soak up the tanning lotion and the result is a blotchy tan. So start moisturizing the skin liberally several days before the tan. The results of sunless tanning lotion are the best on the well-hydrated skin.

Stop shaving

People with sensitive skin should stop shaving the areas to be tanned a week before applying tanning lotion. Applying tanning lotion on freshly shaved skin can lead to irritability.

Get help for the back

The back is hard to tan properly without any help. So do not hesitate to call a friend to ask him/her to do the job for you.

Immediately before applying the sunless tanning lotion

Cooldown the Surroundings

If the surroundings are hot or humid then the skin might start sweating. This condition is not favorable for applying sunless tanning lotions. Dripping sweat can cause a streaked tan, which of course is undesirable.

Cooldown the Skin

If you have taken a hot bath before applying sunless tanning lotion, then finish off with a blast of cold water. The hot skin too can lead to a streaked tan.

While applying the sunless tanning lotion

Go slow and Systematically

The process of tanning by sunless tanning lotion needs a considerable amount of time. Do not rush the process. Also start with an area, finish, and then proceed with the next.

Handle the tricky areas wisely

Elbows, knees, hands, and feet are the tricky areas while tanning. Usually, they tend to get too dark after the tanning lotion is dried. To avoid that, either dilute the tanning lotion for these areas or wash the lotion after applying for 5 to 7 minutes.

After applying the sunless tanning lotion

Beware of staining clothes and/or sheets

The tanning lotions do not dry quickly. If you wear anything without waiting for the lotion to dry, the cloth might be stained. So wait for the lotion to dry completely before getting clothed.