Sublingual HCG Drops For Weight Loss: Are They Safe & How Do They Work?

Sublingual HCG Drops

About Sublingual HCG Drops

Using Sublingual HCG Drops is one of the easiest ways to get all the HCG that you need for your HCG diet. These drops are also a lot cheaper than the injections. They are simpler for you to consume every day.

There is none of the pain that you experience when using needles. All in all, it’s just a better choice for many people!

Now, don’t think for a minute that the drops are all you need. Remember that the HCG diet is really where the challenge lies. You can take the drops all you want. It’s only in conjunction with the HCG diet that the drops will work. You must do the diet the right way, which can be a challenge in itself.

The good news is that the tips below will help you to do the HCG diet right. You use the list of do’s and don’ts to. It help you to know exactly what needs to be done and not done to succeed with your HCG diet.

What To Do With Sublingual HCG Drops?

1. Be sure to weight your food exactly

The HCG diet calls for a specific amount of food per meal, and going over that amount will mean that your weight loss is less effective. The 500 calorie diet is designed to be as effective as possible.

Eating more than that will cut into your body’s natural fat-burning and slow down the weight loss. If you are serious about shedding those pounds, you have to be sure you are getting exactly the right amount of food – no more, no less.

2. Drink a whole lot of water

Most of the people going through the HCG diet will find that their bodies crave food, but water is one of the most important things. Water will help to suppress those hunger pangs.

It will ensure that your body continues working properly regardless of how hungry you get. You should drink at list 4 quarts of water per day. It will prevent water retention and aid in your digestion.

3. Use Stevia

If you absolutely must have some kind of sweet stuff in your tea or coffee. You will find that Stevia is likely the best choice. Stevia is a natural sweetener made from a plant.

It can add a nice flavor to your coffee. It’s best to avoid any kind of sugar, but those that HAVE TO HAVE it will find that Stevia is the best choice.

4. Go with spices instead of flavorings

If you aren’t a cook. You probably have no idea how awesome your food can taste with just the addition of a few spices. Now that you’re on the HCG diet. You are going to have to use only spices, as flavorings are off the list.

It’s important to check your spices to be sure. They don’t have any added ingredients, but go nuts spicing up your food to make it taste great!

5. Take a vitamin supplement

Your body needs a certain amount of each vitamin to function. Normally you get most of those vitamins from the food you eat. However, seeing as you are now eating less food.

You will hardly be getting any vitamins. To keep your body working well despite the very low-calorie diet. It is a good idea to get a multivitamin or some kind of vitamin and mineral supplement to help infuse your body with all the nutrients it needs.

6. Follow the HCG diet protocols to the letter

If you are to succeed with your diet and lose weight. You must follow the protocols as closely as possible. You have to only eat the foods on the list in the specified amounts.

You can’t add other foods to the diet. If you cheat, the weight loss will be less than effective. Only by being careful to follow the diet exactly will you be able to lose all that weight you want to!

What to Avoid With Sublingual HCG Drops?

1. Don’t chew gum or suck mints

All kinds of candies contain a bit of sugar, and even the sugarless candies contain aspartame or some other form of sugar. If you are going through the HCG Diet, sugar of any kind is an absolute no-no.

You have to avoid chewing gum or sucking on breath mints. You will be doing is filling your body with sugar that you are much better off without.

2. Don’t use creams or lotions with oil

If you are going to use an oil-based cream or cosmetic, think again! Your skin will absorb all the oil, and the fat from the cream will be burned by your body as a supplemental form of energy.

It will interfere with your weight loss, as your body will take the time to burn that oil before getting back to work on your fat. Find water-based creams and lotions, or else go without.

3. Don’t add those sauces and dressings

There are all kinds of salad dressings and sauces that you can find on supermarket shelves that will make your veggies taste great. They will all have extra calories that you can’t afford to eat.

It’s important that you avoid these dressings and sauces. Instead choose the no-calorie options like apple cider vinegar or lemon juice when you want to add flavor to a dish or a plate of salad.

4. Don’t get any kind of sugar

Sugar is a no-no for those on the HCG diet. You have to be 100% sugar-free if you are going to lose weight. Some people even find that ditching their natural sugar (fruit) will be a good way to promote healthy weight loss.

You must avoid any kind of sugar from sweets, sodas, and pastries of any kind. The less sugar you get in your diet, the faster you will lose weight.

5. Don’t drink any alcohol

Alcohol contains a whole lot of calories, but it also contains a lot of sugar. It will be a difficult substance for your body to process.

You may find that it will be a challenge for your digestive system when you are eating so little. For many people, this may be the hardest part of the diet. You must give up alcohol altogether to lose weight the right way.

Sublingual HCG Drops: Tips to Make the Diet Successful

If you are serious about losing weight. Here are some things that you can do to promote more weight loss while going through the HCG diet:

1. Avoid using sweetener

Just because you are permitted to use Stevia as a sweetener, that doesn’t mean that you have to. Stevia will be sugar, meaning that it will need to be burned before your body can get back to fat burning.

If you want to avoid those plateaus where you don’t lose any more weight than you already have. It’s best to avoid sweeteners of any kind while you are dieting.

2. Try a colon cleanse

If there is one thing that will help to improve your overall body function, it is getting rid of toxins. Before you try the HCG diet, you may want to try a colon cleanse to help flush all the toxins out of your body.

When you get down to dieting. Your body will be toxin-free and more easily able to burn up all that fat you are so desperate to get rid of.

3. Have a salad with every meal

You will find that lettuce is one of the most fillings of the vegetables, and yet it contains fewer calories than just about every other veggie. It will give you most of the nutrients that you need, but it won’t add a whole lot of calories to your food.

You can dress it with lemon or apple cider vinegar. It will be one of the lightest vegetables that you can eat – and you can eat a lot of it!

4. Get plenty of fiber

Fiber is a nutrient that your body can’t live without, as it helps to keep your digestive system working well. During the HCG diet, it is highly likely that you will develop constipation.

Getting enough fiber will help to reduce your chance of constipation and will make it easier for your body to eliminate all that waste matter sitting in your colon.

5. Do some light exercise every day

This goes without saying, but you are going to have very little extra energy to use for some intense exercise. However, you may find that you have enough stamina to go for a 15-minute walk or to take a short bicycle ride around your neighborhood.

If you are serious about losing weight and getting rid of fat, you will find that some exercise every day will be one of the keys to success. Exercise helps to boost your metabolism and burns more calories, leaving your body free to focus on the fat in your system rather than the food you just ate.

6. Stay away from temptation

If there is one thing that is going to be a challenge for you while on the HCG diet, it will be avoiding the cravings that you will get every time you see some delicious food that you can’t eat. There is going to be too much temptation for you to easily handle.

You have to make it easy for your body by avoiding anything that would tempt you. Stay away from any fast-food restaurants, and avoid going to the break room if you know there are going to be donuts or muffins. Try to keep the temptation to a minimum. It will give your willpower the fortitude to avoid giving in to temptation.

7. Consider coconut oil

Coconut oil is an oil that is not allowed in the original diet protocol by Dr. Simeons, but many people going through the HCG have found that it’s still a great choice to help them to lose weight. Coconut oil doesn’t get turned into fat by the body, and it helps to give the metabolism a boost.

You can use it as a moisturizing lotion if your skin gets dry from the lack of nutrients, or you can use it to cook. Make sure that you evaluate the results of using the oil, and stop using it if your weight loss stops.

8. Avoid any foods that are not fresh

You are going to be eating very little food, so you must get as much nourishment from the food as possible. Artificial food contains almost no nutrients, and it will barely give you any nourishment because it isn’t real food.

It’s also usually filled with all kinds of artificial ingredients that will flood your body with toxins, toxins that will interfere with your weight loss. For this reason, you should avoid all kinds of artificial foods while on the HCG diet.

9. Stay with the list

There is a long list of foods that you can and can’t eat while on the HCG diet protocols, and you must stick with only those foods. Why is that? The reason that you need to stay with only the foods on the list is that these foods are not only the ones that contain the best nutrients for your weight loss diet but also they contain as little sugar as possible – and almost no fat in most cases. Don’t go adding food to the list, but just stick with the foods you are allowed.

If you can follow these tips and use the do’s and don’ts above, you will find that weight loss isn’t only possible, it’s almost guaranteed! The HCG Drops and the HCG diet in conjunction can be one of the most effective weight loss protocols, and you will find that the fat almost melts away as you go through the 40 days or so of the HCG Diet.