14 Natural ways to reduce Appendicitis inflammation and pain


Appendix Basics

The appendix is a cramped tissue forming a tube-shaped sac and attached to the lower end of the large intestine. Inflammation of the appendix avoids itself in acute and chronic states and affects both the sexes uniformly.


1. Ginseng

Many types of research conclude that ginseng is a useful remedy for appendicitis that provides relief in cases of both normal and moderate appendicitis.

2. Holy Basil

When the patient of appendicitis feels fever along with the pain must be given holy basil at that time. It can prove to relieve the pain of appendicitis. This is an effective remedy for appendicitis.

3. Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola is a Chinese herbal remedy for appendicitis lending a helping hand in healing the wounds and repairing the tissues. However, people’s discomfort from hypertension must not consume this herbal medicine.

4. Green Gram for Appendicitis

Take 1 tablespoon of green gram three times a day as green gram is considered one of the effective home remedies for appendicitis.

5. Dandelion

Dandelion is an effective herb and it contains antioxidant properties. People who are suffering with diabetes or any other kidney disease should avoid taking dandelion as it may cause harm to them.

6. Lemon and Honey

If you are facing the problem of indigestion, then you can take one liter of honey mixed with the same amount of lemon juice as this home remedy is beneficial for providing relaxation.

7. Whole Wheat

The intake of whole wheat with bran and wheat germs are beneficial in preventing many digestive disorders and appendicitis is one of them. This is the easiest treatment for appendicitis.

8. Treat Appendicitis with Mint

Take a glass of hot water. Now, add 2-3 drops of mint in it. If a patient of appendicitis takes this mixture daily can get relieved from appendicitis. It is the best and easy treatment of appendicitis.

9. Treat Pain with Hot Compresses

To relieve pain, a patient can use hot compresses made of a strip of wet sheet covered by a dry flannel cloth tied around the abdomen is proven effective. This is an effective treatment for appendicitis.

10. Appendicitis with Buttermilk

If a person is suffering from the severe condition of appendicitis, then he/she must be given buttermilk as it can cure the problem. Buttermilk is the natural treatment of appendicitis and it should be taken on a daily basis. You should take buttermilk for fifteen days.

11. Ginger

Whenever you feel vomiting along with chronic pain of appendicitis, you can take ginger at that time. This could be taken as one tablespoon juice or raw cut pieces stored with rock salt in a bottle. You can also take ginger and turmeric together. You can take either raw or in powdered condition. This natural treatment for appendicitis reduces the pain and also relaxes the swollen abdomen.

 12. Fenugreek Seeds

For curing appendicitis, take some cold water and 1 tablespoon of fenugreek seeds. Now, put them on medium flame. Simmer the flame for ½ an hour and then strain. Take the liquid when it becomes cool. Another thing you can do is you can make tea from fenugreek seeds as this is a valuable remedy for appendicitis.

13. Cure Appendicitis with Agrimony

Agrimony is good for curing appendicitis. If you prepare a tea by boiling, staining, and cooling from this herb and drink it 2-3 times a day it will prove an effective treatment for reducing appendicitis.

14. Appendicitis Diet

Vegetable Juices

Many vegetable juices are valuable in providing relief in case of having a problem of appendicitis. 100 ml of beet juice and 100 ml of cucumber juice if mixes with 300 ml of carrot juice then it will prove a beneficial combination. If you take this combination of juice two times a day, it will prove beneficial in providing relief.


Water is the basic need of every person. Whenever you feel pain, at that time try to drink a good amount of water as drinking a good amount of water can prove helpful at that time when the patient is suffering from chronic pain.