15 Natural Ways to Get Rid of a Headache

Natural Ways to Get Rid of a Headache

Home Remedies for Sinus Headache

There are three main types of headaches, tension, cluster, and migraine. The cures and home remedies here below can sometimes be generally very effective for all three types.

They could sometimes be more specifically beneficial directed towards one particular type of headache.

Tension headaches are usually caused by tension build up in the muscles and nerves of your head and neck areas. Cluster and migraine types of headaches are usually arising in you from problems associated with your blood vessels.

 Maybe they are constricted in some way, sometimes from an injury or strain, or sometimes for some other underlying known or perhaps unknown reason.

Headaches can be triggered from a wide variety of causes ranging from food allergies to hunger and even constipation and digestion problems can be a cause.

Headache Relief Natural

In this short article, we will only deal with instant relief from migraine that are also only food-related. 

1.Willow bark

Willow bark is a substance that provides good general relief of pain associated with headaches, muscular aches and pains, and even arthritis. 

Its use goes back a long time to about 400 BC and to the time of Hippocrates. Chewing on the bark was known to help reduce inflammation and to lessen a fever.

Today it is used generally to treat pain and is useful also in the case of headaches. The bark contains a similar substance to that which is used in aspirin. 

It is slower to act, but longer-lasting and without the side effects of aspirin, which can be rather harsh on the lining of the stomach in some people. 

In some people overuse of aspirin can lead to ulcers or bleeding from your intestines.

Because of the expensive nature of some of these types of cures and the difficulty in actually locating and finding some of these products, 

Therefore began looking for some much simpler and everyday types of home remedies that would be easier to find in the supermarkets.


The old saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away might turn out to be very true when applied to headaches as well.

An apple eaten fresh in the mornings on an empty stomach will help to prevent the occurrence of a headache.


Ginger is a good headache cure. Chewing a piece of natural sugar-free uncrystallized dried ginger can help. 

Another method is to boil raw ginger or dried ginger in a saucepan and to simply inhale the fumes. If you can stomach it try.

Eating a small slice of uncooked raw ginger, or lightly cooked ginger. The fresher the better.

4.Hot Water

Inhalation is a good method to free up your clogged sinuses and several drops of eucalyptus oil can be used in hot water as an inhalation as well. 

Freeing and unblocking your sinus will always help to lessen the severity of sinus-related headaches.

Ginger or ginger oil can also be inhaled by inhaling it from steaming hot water. Ginger is so good for helping a headache.

It can even just be made into a paste, warmed up a little. Applied directly to the part of your head that is the most painful.


Rosemary is a herb that can likewise be boiled in hot water and the fumes inhaled. It prevents headaches resulting from any flu and cold like symptoms that you might be suffering from.

5. Fruits and Vegetable juices 

Drinking carrot, spinach, beet, and carrot juices are all claimed to help prevent migraines from becoming too severe. 

Grape juice, not the alcoholic type, is reputed to be beneficial when regularly consumed.

6.Various types of Pastes

Various types of pastes can be applied to your forehead and that will often help treat and provide immediate relief from a bad headache.

Cinnamon mixed with a little water to make a paste is one such method. Plaster it all liberally onto your forehead.

 Lemon skins crushed thoroughly into a paste can be rubbed directly onto your forehead as well.

This last method will cool the area and is good for headaches caused by stuffy enclosed environments. Overheating and brought about from remaining somewhere in an area that is lacking sufficient oxygen or fresh air.

Cardamom can also be used herein the place of the cinnamon and this herb will help you to get a good night’s sleep as well.


Another method is to apply a compress. Crushed cabbage leaves placed onto your forehead are said to be effective and should be replaced as often as they dry out.

8.Herbal Teas

Drinking herbal teas made from mint or peppermint gives some relief, as does just chewing on a raw leaf from one of these plants. 

Chamomile tea is also useful. It is a great stress reliever generally. This alone will help a headache which more often than not results from a build-up of stress or tension in you.

9.Red cherries

Red cherries are very good for preventing tension headaches. You need to eat a fair few of them, about 20 or more daily. 

Strawberries contain natural salicylates, an ingredient that is used in making aspirins and is quite effective as well.


Dried or fresh basil leaves can be steeped in hot water. Sipped slowly to relieve the pain of a headache or an oncoming headache. 

You can usually feel the onset of symptoms developing. It is usually best to treat the oncoming headache at its earliest stages.

11.Banana and Apple

The old Chinese masters used a combination of banana and apple. Mixed some cinnamon on top of it and then mashed it all up together. 

Consume it together with a liquid called the nectar of the honey. Honey has natural pain-relieving attributes in its makeup.


Research has revealed that a deficiency of copper in the diet causes constriction of blood vessel walls. It can lead to headaches arising in you. 

Foods that are high in copper content such as oysters, lobster, liver, nuts, seeds, green olives, and wheat bran. These foods are claimed to assist in preventing the occurrence of these types of pressure headaches.

Funnily enough other people have claimed that foods rich in copper such as chocolate, peanut butter, mushrooms, avocados, grapes, crab, lobster, shrimp, pecans, walnuts, and almonds can cause some headaches in the front area of your head. 

This type of headache is more common to women during menstruation.


To relax your eyes and because eye strain is a major cause of headaches in a lot of people. You can try the old fashioned remedy of slicing up a cucumber.

Placing the slices onto your eyes to cool and to soothe them in a relaxing way.


Other traditional Chinese food cures that are claimed to be helpful regarding headaches include fresh radishes, buckthorn berries, licorice, cinnamon, mint leaves, orange peels, and gingerroot.

Many types of vegetables and fruits act as detoxifiers for the body. Detoxification and cleansing of your body’s inner sludge. It will also greatly help your bodies fight against the possible onset of a headache.

14.Healthy Diet

Parsnips are good detoxifiers and beetroot with its high fiber content. It helps you to maintain regular bowel motions. These are used as a home-based remedy for constipation. 

They cleanse the blood and can improve cases of a blood disorder such as anemia for example.

Eating more fruits and vegetables, no matter which ones. It will almost always help your body to ward off or to lessen the effects of a headache. 

Lots of vegetables are natural powerhouses of nutrients and vitamins and trace elements and minerals.

Our diets these days are often missing a lot of these essential elements. Take the humble artichoke, for example, not many know that it is a very rich antioxidant food source.

 It aids digestion and is high in soluble fiber, potassium, and vitamin C. They have an exceptional overall balance of nutrients and will improve your general health.

When your general level of health is improved and when you maintain a good level of overall fitness. 

This will only ever act in your favor to further help you to prevent or lessen the severity of your headaches.

15.Stay hydrated

There is an old saying about drinking living water to become more fully alive. Water hydrates the body as well as the soul.

 When you feel the start of a headache coming on drink a couple of glasses of water and just see if that helps you a bit.

Other Herbs and Foods

Here is a brief list of some other herbs and foods that are all claimed to be beneficial for headaches:

  • Cayenne Pepper,
  • Garlic,
  • Lavender,
  • Rosemary,
  • Scullcap,
  • Wood Betony,
  • Willow Bark,
  • Almonds, 
  • Cherries,
  • Fennel,
  • Gingko,
  • Kudzu,
  • Lavender,
  • Lemon Balm,
  • Oregano,
  • Parsley.

Foods to Triggers Headaches

Certain foods in themselves are sometimes noted to be direct triggers for the causing of your headaches.

 Chocolate, caffeine, cheese, some nuts and meats, and red wine are all thought to fit into this category. It is still uncertain if the trigger is a food allergy or more likely.

These are some substance that is contained within the food that is causing the problem for you.

It could also be some added substance such as a preservative or artificial sweetener that is contributing to the problem. 

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a common example of a food additive that is suspected to be a culprit in causing headaches.