Natural Remedies for Alcoholism Addiction Treatment

Natural Treatments For Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a terrible disease that millions of people have to suffer throughout their daily lives. While seeking professional treatment is always suggested for those who are suffering from alcoholism. 

There are many natural remedies for alcoholism that when you do in conjunction. It will help you beat this terrible disease. 

Did you know that you can still give your body small amounts of naturally occurring alcohol? It will help reduce the symptoms of withdrawals and also help individuals stop consuming alcohol? 

These foods have been shown to give relief to alcoholics when consumed properly.

Fruits and Vegetables

One of the top natural alcoholism treatments is fruits and vegetables. These help to ease yourself off alcohol and rebuild the damage the alcohol has done to your body. It is suggested that you eat plenty of apples throughout your day to help reduce the cravings for wine and other types of liquors. 

This is because apples have a special ingredient within them to counteract the effects of intoxication and satisfy the body’s desire to have specific types of alcohol. 

Many alcoholics have caused extreme amounts of damage to their livers. Thus they need to consume nutrients that will help rebuild and treat your liver. 

Bitter Gourd juice 

A great way of ease alcohol habit is through the juice from the leave of the Bitter Gourd. This juice treats the damage caused to your liver through constant consumption of alcohol.

 How you will consume Bitter Gourd juice?


  • Bitter Gourd leaf juice
  • Buttermilk

How to make?

  1. Take 3 tablespoons of Bitter Gourd leaf juice. 
  2. Pour buttermilk to it and mix properly. 
  3. Drink this mixture every morning for a month.

You will find relief from alcohol withdrawals and your liver will receive the treatment needed to help rebuild itself.

Detox Your Body

When you are trying to stop drinking alcohol. You can aid yourself to changing your diet. One of the most extreme ways to fight alcoholism is to detoxify your body from the alcohol by going on a juice fast.

 If you are first coming off of alcohol. You will want to perform a nutritional juice fast for at least ten days. During the first couple of days, you will have strong cravings for alcohol.

However, in the middle of the fast, you will begin to feel fewer cravings for alcohol. Because it is being cleansed from your system. 

Also, make sure that you still eat several tiny meals throughout the day. All of which consist of natural and healthy foods. This will help keep your energy up and allow you to endure light physical activity. 

After the initial fast, you will have fewer alcohol cravings and you will most likely have eliminated any withdrawal symptoms. 


Naturally, you will want to consult your physician before beginning any type of fasting program. Just to ensure this method is right for you. 

Remember, alcoholism is a stronghold. However, with determination, you can break this habit and return to a natural, and healthy, state of living.