9 Most Effective Natural Remedies for Snoring

How to Stop Snoring

How to Stop Snoring?

There are many home remedies for snoring. You’ll find that everyone has their secrets to help you avoid this sleeping problem. The beauty of these remedies is that they will all help to deal with the problem.

Even though they may not work as well for you as they did for others. If you want to stop snoring the easy way, here are some home remedies for snoring to help you deal with the problem:

Home Remedies for Snoring: Be Careful

Before you go all crazy and try ridiculous home remedies for snoring. You read on the internet, make sure to check with your doctor. Some remedies will instruct you to do all sorts of things that no sane person would recommend.

So be careful when doing your research online. Try and find the remedies that will be safe, and that won’t increase your risk of developing sleep apnea.

What are the Home Remedies for Snoring?

Here are some of the best and most effective of the home remedies for snoring:

1. Humidifier

If you are snoring, it may mean that the dry air is irritating the tiny membranes in your throat and nose. You can sleep with a humidifier on all night. It will help to deal with the problem.

The humidifier will infuse the air with moisture, which will reduce the irritation of those membranes. This is recommended for those that have problems with sleep apnea as well as those with snoring problems, as the dry air can make it hard to sleep.

2. Clear Your Nose

Many people find that their snoring problem is caused by congestion in their nasal passages, which can come from a cold, a stuffy nose, or many other problems. One of the best ways to get rid of blockages in your nose will be a Neti pot, which pours a saline solution through your nasal passages.

You may find that it will work wonders. It will flush anything blocking your nose out. You can also use nasal strips over your nose, or nasal decongestant sprays can help to deal with the problem. Just make sure to check with your doctor before trying anything that contains the medication.

3. Change Position

Everyone knows that sleeping on your stomach can be bad for your neck and back, but it can help to improve your snoring problem. If you don’t want to sleep on your stomach – or you just can’t – at least sleep on your side.

It is less likely that the muscles in your neck will collapse onto your airways as you sleep. You won’t have to worry about snoring as much when you’re on your side. Just make sure not to roll over onto your back. The snoring problem will come back in full force if you do.

4. Pillows

If you have a problem with snoring, it’s usually due to the muscles in your neck pressing on the airways in your throat. Your best bet will be to raise your head, using a few pillows to help.

It will help to change the angle of gravity’s pull on your neck muscles, which will relax and fall onto your lower neck and upper chest rather than directly onto your airways. It will just make sleeping without snoring a whole lot easier and will make it easier to breathe deeply as well.

5. Throat Exercises

One good way to deal with your snoring problem is to do exercises to help clear your throat – and strengthen it as well. If you have strong muscles in your throat, they can prevent your neck muscles from collapsing onto the airways.

Repeat the vowels 30 times every day, and purse your lips for 30 seconds to strengthen your mouth. Contract the muscle located at the rear of your throat for 30 seconds every day.

Slide your tongue backward in your mouth 30 times to help strengthen it. Do these exercises daily. You’ll see a marked improvement in your snoring problems.

6. Vocalize

If you want to treat snoring, grab that hairbrush and get belting! Singing in the shower, the car, the bathroom, or anywhere will help to strengthen the muscles in your neck, as well as your vocal cords.

Singing will help to improve the control of your muscles in your soft palate and neck. It will help you to stop snoring. If you want to get exotic, break out the Australian Didgeridoo and get blowing on the massive flute. It will strengthen your throat and soft palate very effectively, and it will cure snoring quite well.

7. Cleaning

Did you know that a lot of your nasal congestion can be caused by allergic reactions to spores in the air?

If your carpet hasn’t been cleaned in a while, maybe it’s time to give it a good beating to get rid of the dust, dirt, and allergens living there.

Take the time to clean the couches, and take them outside to air. Get rid of dust in your home, and sleep will come more easily.

8. Nettle Tea

Stinging nettle tea is an excellent antihistamine. It will help to prevent you from having an allergic reaction to pollen and other seasonal problems.

If you notice that you only snore during spring and summer. It may be that you are sensitive to the pollen in the air. Taking this tea will help to clear out your congestion, and make sleeping much easier.

9. Tape

If you have problems breathing at night. Use medical tape to hold your nostrils open. Taping your nostrils to the outside of your nose can help to keep them from rattling as you sleep, reducing your snoring problems.

These are some of the most common and popular remedies, but you’ll find that using these home remedies for snoring can be surprisingly effective at helping you deal with the problem once and for all!