Is Oily Skin Good For Aging : Delay Aging Process

Oily Skin Delay Aging Process

Oily Skin Delay Aging Process

Female with oily skin often hope for an oily skin delay aging process. A slower transition to the thinner more wrinkled skin that we associate with old age.

They may not be hoping entirely in vain. Though it?s true that women typically experience a drying effect on the skin when they reach menopause, having oily skin to begin with can make that process seem less intense.

Also, oily skin shows to protect you from the development of those dark patches known as age spots.

Keeping Oily Skin

Keeping oily skin and aging isn’t all positive however. With the hormone swings of menopause come changes in the sebaceous glands that produce the oil in your skin.

You suddenly feel like a teenager again – dealing with embarrassing outbreaks of pimples and patches of oily skin mixed with drier areas much more troublesome than anything you’ve dealt with before.

The objection of providing both adequate cleansing and needed moisture to this mixed complexion may make you regret hoping for that oily skin delay aging process.

So, “if your skin have oily. It will that delay aging?” It can be a loaded question. You will still need to take extra special care of your skin during this time.

The skin around your eyes and mouth and in the throat area tends to be drier and may need added moisture long before the rest of your facial skin.

Eat a Healthy Diet

The advice for women with other skin types applies equally to those dealing with oily skin and aging. Protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun and use a good quality, oil free, anti aging skin cream.

Eat a healthy balanced diet. For oily skin, pay particular attention to A and B vitamins, and zinc. Choose low fat, high fiber foods and lots of fresh brightly colored vegetables. Don’t smoke, or drink excessively.

If you?re facing an oily skin delay aging process. Continue to use products specifically designed for oily skin. You’ll need to disinfect routinely to avoid the problem of active sebaceous glands becoming clogged.

You need to be sure that you’re not being too harsh on your skin, so keep up with regular moisturizing. If you indulge in regular salon facials. Your skin care professional can help you map out. A regular skin care routine and choose quality products. You can enjoy all the benefits of oily skin and aging with a minimum of the trials.


Therefore, don’t inquire“if you have oily skin will that delay aging?” but rather, “what special allowance do I need to take to protect my skin to help it retain much of its natural moisture and foster an oily skin delay aging process?”

Your oily skin will loose moisture, subcutaneous fat and elasticity as the years pass just like everyone else’s. You can take advantage of the good things in oily skin and aging if you take good care of your skin.