How to Increase Height Naturally

All persons wish to look tall & smart and height plays a very important role for it. We make many efforts to look smart & fit and also as well as tall because height is playing major role to look smart but it is not easy to gain height. Today we will discuss about How to increase height naturally without medicines or surgery.

Increase height naturally

Naturally human’s body will continue to get taller until the growth plates on bones close. People stop growing at different ages. They might stop growing in their mid teens or might continue growing into twenties. How tall they get is mainly determined by how long their long bones are. Actually with some determination and right approach we can grow 2 to 6 inches even after 18 years of age.

How to Increase Height Naturally

1.  Healthier Eating

Eating healthy is the first step to increase your height naturally. You can start by adjusting your diet with the following:

  • DrinkWater – Water can help your body digest all the vitamins and minerals you need to get taller. It will also be able to cleanse your body of any toxins and other undesirables which get in the way of your growth.
  • ProperNutrition –  Eating right is the key to many parts of a healthy life, and getting taller is one of them.
  • CalciumIntake – Calcium can be a great natural way to increase your height, so get more of it in your diet. Milk is the best way to get calcium naturally.
  • Iron –  Take iron naturally, for this eat food contains iron e.g. Spinach, Iron plays a big part in keeping your blood flow and skin tone in optimal condition, not to mention keeping your growth going at a steady pace.
  • MealTimes –  Take your meal at proper time. by this you can save from eating too much or too little food, which will interrupt the natural equilibrium in your body, preventing you from increasing your height.

2. Exercise

  • General Exercise – you don’t need to join gym. Just simply doing some basic aerobic exercises like jumping, morning walk, running. Even walking, Running  or biking  will  provide a natural way to increase your height.
  • Stretching – A variety of stretching techniques are also widely believed to give you an increase in height.
  • Yoga – Yoga has many “Asans” which are helpful to increase height naturally very fast. for different “Asans” see our yoga section.
  • Sleep properly – A lack of proper sleep is the number one reason people do not grow properlyProper sleeping is very essential for increasing height. sleep minimum 8 hours daily.