How to Get Rid of Silverfish?

How to Get Rid of Silverfish

How to kill Silverfish?

Silverfish are small, invasive pests that thrive on water and darkness. They are pretty fearless. They’ll run right across your foot without thinking twice.

There are plenty of items on the market that can help you get rid of them, but many have toxic ingredients. Learn how to get rid of silverfish naturally to keep your kids and pets safe.

Home Remedies for Silverfish

1.Lemon Juice Spray

Silverfish hate citrus scents, so this remedy serves two purposes. First, it makes your house better. Second, it drives silverfish away for good.

  1. Fill a spray bottle with 3 cups of water and 1/2 cup lemon juice.
  2. Close the bottle and shake to combine.
  3. Spray the mixture wherever silverfish congregate in your home.


There are many spices that can help you get rid of silverfish. They are repelled by the scent of sage, cloves, and bay leaves. Using this treatment can help you get rid of silverfish naturally with just the items in your spice rack.

  1. For this remedy, use small, porous bags or sachets.
  2. Add 1 tablespoon of cloves, bay leaves, or sage to each sachet.
  3. Tuck a sachet in dark, moist areas where silverfish tend to gather. Put sachets in areas that are hard to reach with other treatments, since this can drive them out into the light where they are easier to catch.


Silverfish flee from the scent of cucumbers. This is a fairly labor-intensive way to get silverfish out of your home, but it works very well. Combine it with other treatments for the best results.

  1. Cut a fresh cucumber into 1-inch slices.
  2. Put 1 or 2 thick slices wherever you know silverfish live.
  3. Check the slices every couple days and replace the dried up slices with new cucumber slices.

4.Dry Oatmeal

Dry oatmeal can attract silverfish, which is ideal if you have a way of trapping them. This trap is efficient and non-toxic, so it can help get rid of silverfish very quickly.

  1. Get a tall glass jar or mason jar. Wrap the entire jar with twine or masking tape.
  2. Sprinkle dry oatmeal into the bottom of the jar.
  3. Place the jar where silverfish are likely to come across it. They will be attracted by the scent of oatmeal, climb in, and be unable to get out.
  4. Every day, check the trap and dispose of any silverfish you find.

5.Baking Soda and Honey

For some reason, the combination of baking soda and honey kills silverfish quickly and efficiently. This method is particularly beneficial for areas that are difficult to reach.

  1. Combine 2 tablespoons of baking soda, 2 tablespoons of water and 2 tablespoons of honey into a small bowl.
  2. Stir the mixture until everything is equally combined.
  3. Spread the mixture onto a thick piece of paper or cardboard.
  4. Lay the cardboard where the silverfish will walk on it. Once they step on the mixture, the silverfish will die.
  5. Depending on how serious your infestation is, you may need to switch out fresh pieces of cardboard once per day or several times per day.

6.Lavender Oil Spray

Lavender oil works in much the same way as spices and lemon spray do. Its scent repels silverfish. This is best used after you have completely cleaned out an area where silverfish congregate. This may be a pile of laundry, a damp area under the sink, or behind a bookshelf.

  • Mix in 1 teaspoon lavender oil into a small spray bottle half-filled with water.