How to get rid of Fordyce spots On Lips : 7 Effective Ways

How to get rid of Fordyce spots On Lips

What is Fordyce spots?

Fordyce spots on lips are usually small, painless, elevated, pale, white, or red spots that are 1 to 3 mm in diameter that grows in the border of the lips and face. This is common to women and men of all ages. These spots make a lot of embarrassment to the affected person.

This is also known as a Fordyce granule and it derived its name from an American dermatologist, John Addison Fordyce. This Fordyce spot does not bring any harm to you. They are very tiny and not even visible to the crowd but those people who have this get conscious that made them think that the spots are visible.

A lot of people think that these spots are infectious but these are all rumors which people tend to believe and get afraid of.

Fordyce spots are not related to any transmissions or infections. It is just a dermatological problem. Fordyce spots are caused by the sebaceous glands that are found on the hair follicles.

Fordyce Spots on Lips Treatments

If you have Fordyce spots on your lips. You can actually leave it unattended or untreated for it. It will not cause you any harm either. But if you want it to disappear fast.

You can let a dermatologist treat it but surgery treatments will surely cost you too much for nowadays.

Surgical treatments are known to be one of the most expensive ways of curing diseases. Below is a list of different Fordyce spots on lips treatments.

How To Treat Fordyce Spots On Lips?

White spots are those tiny, pale bumps or spots that can be found on the shaft of the penis, or in the labia, and around the lips of the face. They are not harmful but for some cosmetic cause, they can cause great concern.

But what really causes the appearance of Fordyce spots? They might first appear to people who first noticed them for the first time like infections transmitted by sexual intercourse since they are most prominent around the reproductive organ.

Though some people really would want to get rid of them because they make these people insecure as they would appear on the shaft of the penis like an infectious disease.

They can reduce the spots or eliminate them completely by trying these following treatments:

1.Apply tretinoin

Tretinoin cream can be administered to the affected areas. This will help reduce the spots after a period of time and suppress the spots from occurring more. The cream works better if it is coupled with alpha hydroxy acid agents. 

2.Try to use Isotretinoin

Isotretinoin will help reinforce to stop the spots from reappearing. It may cause some side-effects like chapped lips, eye irritation, headache, rash, dry skin, depression, urinary problems, nosebleed, and muscle pains.

This drug is prohibited for pregnant women. It is best to consult your doctor before administering this medication.

Undergo laser vaporization. Fordyce spots can also be treated by laser vaporization.

3. Trichloroacetic acid 

The trichloroacetic acid chemical may also help peel off Fordyce spots. Supplementary medication is needed to stop the spots from reappearing. Trichloroacetic acid or TCA is more effective compared to other peeling chemicals and they are not as harsh as other chemicals.

Minor surgery may also treat Fordyce spots. Consult your doctor about what sort of surgery that is most effective when it comes to getting rid of Fordyce spots.

4. Chemical Peels

Chemical peels like Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) can be an option to treat Fordyce spots found on the affected person’s lips. In this treatment, the lips’ skin will flake which completely peels off the spots.

When peeling the skin of your lips. It will become sensitive that it should be moisturized regularly. The bad thing is if this treatment has been stopped, Fordyce spots symptoms might return.

5. Gel or Tretinoin Gel

This is considered to be the most simple treatment of Fordyce spots. Often or daily application of this cream will minimize the bump of the spots.

For best results, it is recommended to use alpha hydroxy acid agents which are also used in acne treatments.

6. Cryosurgery

This treatment uses maximum cold temperature for the reason that it helps destroy the prominences. But then, it might result in a side effect like scarring. After some days of treatment that disappears the bumps and spots, blisters may form.

Another disadvantage of this treatment is that it can damage the nerves and tissues near the affected area.

7. Healthy Diet

Eating a healthy balanced diet is recommended when undergoing these treatments to higher the vitamins that your body needs. It will help to the fast healing and disappearing of the Fordyce spots on lips.

Other Treatments

Electro-desiccation which is a vaporizing laser treatment is also an effective treatment for Fordyce spots. This is only used when the spots are causing serious cosmetic concerns already. This will not give any side effects but it is very expensive.