How to get rid of diaper rash?

Effective Home Remedies To Treat Diaper Rash In Babies

Tips for Diaper Rash Treatment

Most babies in today’s world will have at least one bad diaper rash sometime in their life. Some babies get diaper rashes regardless of how many times you have changed them or how clean they are.

Some babies are just really sensitive to the point where even certain diapers will make them break out with a rash. Babes are extremely sensitive when they are around 6 months old to about 1 1/2 years old.

Effective Home Remedies To Treat Diaper Rash In Babies

Here is that 4 Tips for Diaper Rash Treatment :

1. Baby powder and shortening

Baby powder mixed with a little bit of shortening- Grab a bowl mix these two items together until you have a nice thick consistency of a paste like texture. Place this on your baby’s butt make sure you have enough on the rash.

It’s always better to have more on then less when it comes to something like this then place the diaper on. When it’s time for the next diaper change wipe the child’s butt very gently with a soft rag place some powder on their butt and another diaper on. This will help, especially when your child butt is very red and raw looking.

2.Vaseline and powder

Destine mixed with Vaseline and powder- Wash your baby’s butt pat dry and sprinkle on some powder. Try not to sprinkle on too much just a light coating. Then take your destine and apply that on top of the powder.

Now place the Vaseline on top of those two. This is a wonderful combo your precious baby will feel so much better with this medicine on. When you just use the destine by itself sometimes it’s just not enough to be able to clear the rash up.

3.Don’t use any type of baby wipes

If your baby has a very bad diaper rash please don’t use any type of baby wipes, even if they say for sensitive babies. Use a soft wash rag with warm water instead. Then place some cornstarch into the diaper place on the child. You may also use flour.

Take some flour place it into a frying pan make sure you have enough for a few applications. Then let it get browned a little on low heat. Cool it down until it’s on the cool side place this on the diaper rash. The diaper rash will clear up very nicely no harm to the child at all with these methods.


Maalox mixed with powder and destine- Grab a bowl mix these three items together to form a paste like texture. Then apply to the diaper rash. When you go to change the diaper the next time, the rash should look a hundred times better almost gone.