5 Home Remedies for Wrist and Hand Pain

Hand and Wrist Pain: Natural Remedies

Hand and Wrist Pain: Natural Remedies

You’ve been sitting at the computer typing away or clicking away for too long and now your wrists are hurting. While it may be Carpal Tunnel Syndrome setting in, it may simply be, again, you’ve been typing or clicking around the Internet for too long.

Of course, if you know your wrist pains you because of something more serious, a visit to the doctor may be what you need. What follows is a list of simple home remedies for your wrist pain.

If it’s not a more serious injury you incurred while doing something that you know directly contributed to your wrist pain.

1. Warm Water

For more immediate relief, soak your hand in very warm water. Fill your sink or a bucket of water with hot water. Just make sure it isn’t scolding.

Add some Epson salts to it and soak your hand or hands in there for twenty minutes, if you have the time. If not, at least ten minutes will help tremendously.

2. Hand Brace

Use a hand brace. You can purchase these at stores such as Walgreens or Wal-mart for around $20. They keep your wrist straight which reduces the friction of the carpel tunnel bone in your wrist that flares up and causes pain.

It may be hard to use while doing tasks such as typing, but you can wear it in the night to give your wrists support and much needed rest.

3. Massage

Use massage to remedy wrist pain. Ask a family member to massage your hand and wrist, paying special attention to the tendons in the wrist where the blood flow needs circulation. Promoting blood flow will bring about relief to other areas of pain from carpal tunnel syndrome.

Although wrist pain may be a factor, it is likely that there is also a pain in your hand and forearm. Have someone massage thoroughly on all the areas of pain due to your carpel tunnel syndrome.

4. Ice Pack

Use an ice pack or a hot pack. Some people find relief from having ice packs placed directly on their inner wrist to reduce inflammation.

However, others find more relief from hot packs placed on the areas of pain throughout the hand, wrist, and arm.

Another tried method carpel tunnel syndrome individuals use is a combination of the two. See which method works best for you.

5. medication

What if you suspect it’s arthritis; is there anything you can do at home for that? Why yes there is. Pain medication, such as aspirin, Tylenol, or especially Motrin. Motrin is good if there is any swelling in your wrists.

Sometimes arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis is accompanied by swelling, and Motrin has anti-inflammatory properties. Follow the instructions on the medicine bottle.