15 Home Remedies for Bruises

Home Remedies for Bruises

What are Bruises: How to get rid of old Bruises?

The simple injuries that occur on the skin when a small blood vessel is harmed and the tissues of the skin make them visible. After causing damage to the blood vessels, bruises leave either black or dark blue marks on the skin for a certain period.

Bruises are common in children. Sometimes minor accidents also result in bruises all over the skin. Adults have equal chances of getting bruises as kids. A bruise normally occurs when blood comes out of the vessels and then the bluish black mark entraps it. Below is the list of various home remedies for bruises.

Natural Remedies for Bruises

1. Cayenne Pepper

The value of cayenne pepper was first discovered in China. If the cayenne pepper is taken and mix with 5 times more part of Vaseline then applied on the affected part of the body would prove beneficial.

You can use this once a day. This is one of the best remedies for bruises.

2. Onion

If you suffering from the pain of bruises and want to get relieved from pain. You apply sliced raw onion over bruises affected area. It will provide relax from pain.

You should remember one thing that not put onion over that area which has cut. This is one of the affected home remedies of bruises.

3. Comfrey Root Tea

Prepare tea with a comfrey root. Soak a cotton ball in the tea and apply tea on the bruised area with the help of that ball. This is a good remedy for reducing the pain and also it is affected treatment for discoloration of the skin.

You can also make a plaster that is made up of fresh comfrey leaves and put it on the bruises. This is an effective remedy for bruises.

4. Yarrow

You can take an herbal infusion of arnica, yarrow, and chamomile. The infusion contains a portion of antiseptic, analgesic, and also anti-inflammatory properties. This is a good remedy for bruises.

5. Treat Bruises with Cabbage

Cabbage contains anti-inflammatory properties. If you apply cabbage on the bruises and sprains. It will prove helpful in the healing process. It is the easiest treatment of the bruises.

6. Treat Bruises with Ice-Pack

Putting ice on the bruise in the first 24 hours of it will help get rid of it before it gets too bad. Use an ice pack or a bag of frozen vegetables to stop the bruise in its tracks.

Apply the ice pack or bag of frozen vegetables for 15 minutes. Allow your skin to warm naturally and then apply the ice pack again for another 10 minutes.

Do this every four or five hours on the first day to rid the skin of the ugly bruise. If you don’t have an ice pack or a bag of frozen vegetables.

You can wrap some ice in a towel and use that. Cold reduces inflammation and helps ease the pain caused by the bruise. The ice pack will prove beneficial to reduce swelling and bruises. This is good to treat bruises.

7. Bruises with Parsley

Parsley is an herb that is beneficial for naturally treating bruises. Parsley contains a sufficient amount of vitamins. It works as a treatment for the wounds.

You can apply crushed parsley seeds on the bruises affected area. If you take the help of this process continuously, it will help to remove blue and black marks from the skin.

8. Treat Bruises using Mullein Flowers

To treat bruises naturally, you can apply mullein flowers that were stepped in olive oil to the area which is affected by bruises.

9. Cure Bruises with Arnica

Arnica is the best cure for bruises and sprains. It helps heal the wounds quickly. You can use a few drops of arnica tincture to a cup of water. Now, take a clean cloth, and soak it in the water, apply the cloth as a bandage.

10. Cure Bruises with Egg

If there is a minor bruise, you can take an uncooked egg and rub it on the bruises affected area. Rub the egg in a circular motion. This is the easiest cure for bruises.

11. Bruises Diet

Take a vitamin k and alfalfa either as diet or in tablet form. Food rich in vitamin c should also take by getting any sign of bruises in the body. Vitamin c helps heal skin tissues and internal hemorrhage.

12. Vitamin C

If you have a problem with too much bruising. Eat more foods rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C helps prevent bruises, and helps them heal faster. Studies show that vitamin C helps build collagen tissues around blood vessels in the skin.

Foods rich in vitamin C include broccoli, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, and citrus fruits. You can also take vitamin C in supplement form but do not take more than 2,000 milligrams a day and only during the duration of the injury. High doses of vitamin C should not be taken without a doctor’s supervision.

13. Reach In Heat

The day after using the ice pack, use heat on the bruise to help improve circulation. Use a heating pad or a warm, wet washcloth on the bruise to help it heal faster

14. Elastic Bandage and Gravity

Wrap an elastic bandage around the bruise and elevate the injured area. It helps drain blood from the area. Blood is affected by gravity and propping up your leg or arm where the bruise is will help it heal faster.

15.Comfrey Poultice

Some people who have had problems with bruises have had success with comfrey poultices. Place comfrey leaves in hot water and spread them on a warm, wet washcloth.

Press the comfrey poultice on the bruise. Do not ingest comfrey leaves because they can be dangerous when taken internally.

Do not place on open wounds either. You can grow comfrey leaves yourself or buy them at any health food store.