9 Natural Treatments for the Common Cold

Natural Treatments for the Common Cold

There’s no cure for the common cold.

How often have you heard that?

Unfortunately, it’s pretty true. The single most common pain in the butt in the world is one that medical scientists just can’t seem to get rid of.

However, there are some ways you can expedite your body’s natural treatment of a cold, and they’re pretty easy. Check out the tips below to make sure you’re not down for any more time than necessary.

1.Drink Hot Tea

The hotter the better, though obviously. You shouldn’t scald your throat. You want to get a lot of diuretics into your system and move as many fluids as possible. Warm tea can help get your body temperature to the point where you’re killing off what’s ailing you.

It can also soothe your throat, and antioxidants, and other nutrients can be very beneficial. Avoid caffeinated tea if you can .Get some different flavors so you won’t get sick of it.

2.Eat Healthy

You need to have a healthy immune system. You’ve got to get the proper amount of nutrition to ensure that your body’s at its defensive best.

Watch your diet and your caloric intake and avoid fast food. If you’ve got a lot of phlegm, avoid dairy products and eat some spicy foods, which can open up your sinuses.

3.Load Up on Vitamins

Along the same lines, zinc and vitamin E help keep your immune system at full strength. Vitamin C may help decrease the length of a cold.

To get these into your system, use an over the counter vitamin supplement or, even better yet, drink orange juice and other vitamin-rich drinks.

4.Take a Long Shower or Bath

You need to get your body temperature up, and breathing in steam can loosen up your nasal passages. Take your time in the shower; empty the water heater.

If your family gets mad, tell them you’ve got a cold, and then cough on them to prove it. That’ll show ’em.

5.Visit the Pharmacy

Hey, Robitussin exists for a reason. You don’t want to over-medicate, but grabbing some cough suppressant for occasional use and a few packs of lozenges can do a lot to keep your cold down.

6.If You’re A Smoker, Stop Smoking

At least for the duration of your cold. Smoking can irritate your nasal passages. It can aggravate your immune system. If you can kick the habit for a week or so (a few days after the sickness clears).

You can minimize your cold’s damage. If you need the nicotine, grab some Nicorette. Just do everything you can to stop yourself from lighting up.

7.Take Some Ginger

Whether you have ginger candy, ginger soda, or ginger tea such as Chai, ginger has a host of great effects that act as a great treatment for cold symptoms.

Ginger can suppress coughing and clear your sinuses, too, making it great for right before you go to bed.

8.Get Plenty of Rest

It’s obvious, but think about it. You can’t treat a cold without getting enough rest and giving your body a chance to fight the illness and stop it from developing into something worse.

Go to bed early and don’t do anything strenuous; hold off on exercise and take it easy. A cold can be prolonged if you don’t take it seriously enough to at least get off your feet for a while.

9.Keep A Positive Outlook

It sounds ridiculous, but scientists have found a definite link between an optimistic state of mind and a healthy immune system.

If you want to cure your cold as fast as possible, try not to sulk or get depressed. Take it easy, don’t get stressed out, and do something you enjoy; play video games or rent a few DVDs.

Curing a cold isn’t possible, but by keeping these tips in mind, you should be able to get back on your feet in no time. If you know of any other flu treatments, do us a favor; post them in the comments section of this article.