Foods With The Highest Iron

Foods With The Highest Iron

What is the Best Source of Iron?

Iron is an important nutrient in the body, but it is frequently under-consumed. Iron is necessary for the development of hemoglobin, a key component of blood.

If you aren’t getting enough iron in your diet or you need to increase your blood’s iron composition, several iron-rich foods can boost your daily intake. If the body is having trouble absorbing iron, an increased intake of vitamin C can improve the body’s rate of iron absorption.

1.Meat and eggs

The meat family can be an ample category of foods rich in iron. Meat products have lesser iron content than grains and cereals, but the body is better able to absorb the type of iron found in meat products. Pork is among of the best variety of meat for iron.

Red meat like beef is a better source of iron than chicken, though chicken still has a decent amount of iron. The liver is the best meat source of iron, often containing ten or more milligrams per serving. Also under the protein umbrella, egg yolks contain a significant amount of iron.


Fish is among the best iron-rich foods. Oysters, scallops, and mussels are three of the best types of seafood for iron content, containing as much as six to eight milligrams of iron in a single serving. Other good sources of iron in the seafood world include cod, sardines, salmon, tuna, and shrimp.

3.Fruits and vegetables

Prune juice or prunes, watermelon, apples, and figs are among the best fruits for iron content. Vegetables that are vibrant in iron include spinach, beets, and broccoli.

Green leafy veggies generally have high iron content. Soybeans, baked beans, kidney beans, green beans, and anything in the bean family are good as well.

4.Cereals, grains, and nuts

Several breakfast bowls of cereal. Particularly bran cereals and corn flakes can be great iron-rich foods. Check the nutrition facts for specific iron contents for individual cereal brands as the content may vary.

Whole wheat products as well as yeast and flour contain a great deal of iron. Nuts are great iron-rich foods – almonds, pistachios, and cashews are the highest in iron content.

5.Whole-grain bread

Whole-grain bread Leave the white bread behind! According to the National Institute of Health, whole-grain bread is a great source of iron.


What are they? A legume is a type of food that comes in the form of a pod. Beans, peanuts, and peas are good examples of this food.

Toss a small bag of peanuts in your bag to snack for the next time you find the urge to snack while stuck in traffic.


If you’re tossing a salad for dinner, throw in a few slices of avocado to increase your iron intake.

8.Dark Green Vegetables

There was a reason your mother wanted you to finish that spinach. Dark green vegetables like spinach and kale are high in iron. Stir-fry a couple of vegetables along with spinach to make for a great meal.

Foods to avoid

Certain foods may hamper the body’s ability to absorb iron. These could include coffee, tea, and milk and dairy products. At the very least, these products are not good sources of iron, so if you are trying to increase your body’s iron content, keep these to a minimum.