Foods that Are Good for Oral Health

Foods that Are Good for Oral Health

Healthy Foods List: Six Best Foods For Your Teeth

We’ve all heard that too many sugary foods are bad for our teeth and gums. But are there any foods that are good for oral health? Here are several such foods. You may be surprised what makes the list.

A Surprising List of Foods and Spices that Protect Teeth and Reduce Bad Breath

1. TEA

Tea, specifically black tea, has been shown to interfere with the bacteria that cause plaque. The tea limits the ability of the enzyme which converts sugars into the sticky matrix which allows plaque to build upon the teeth.

And other bacteria become unable to clump together, which reduces the total amount of plaque buildup on the teeth. Dr. Christina Wu of the University of Illinois School of Dentistry where this study was conducted says, “Drinking tea may have added oral health benefits by controlling through ‘prevention’.


Raisins are distinguished as sweet and sticky, and any food that contains sugar. It is assumed to cause cavities. But our study suggests the contrary.

This popular healthy snack food suppresses the growth of several species of oral bacteria associated with caries and gum disease”.

Oleanolic acids in the raisins inhibited the growth of two species of oral bacteria. It also blocked the adherence to the teeth of the bacteria which form the sticky biofilm known as plaque.


Extract of Magnolia Bark, when added to breath mints. It can kill the bacteria which cause bad breath. Most mints just mask odors, but mints which contained magnolia bark extract killed more than 6% of bad breath germs in 30 minutes.

Mints without the extract killed only 3.6% of the bacteria. This recently released information may lead to new flavors of mints and chewing gum.


Essential oil from cinnamon can kill germs. Peppermint, rosemary, sage, and cloves are all popular spices for covering breath odor. Cinnamon kills the oral bacteria which produce hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell).

Surprisingly this result can be obtained by chewing Big Red gum! Tests were performed specifically on this brand and the results showed that the cinnamon flavored gum killed 50% of all oral bacteria and 40% of those which specifically cause bad breath.

Identical gum, except for the cinnamon oil, was prepared by the Wrigley company for the tests, and the unflavored gum did not reduce bacteria counts at all.

The researcher, says that not enough research has been done to know if other cinnamon flavored gums would have the same effect, but teas flavored with cinnamon might be useful. 4


Sugar-free yogurt also seems to reduce the bacteria which causes bad breath. Volunteers ate a serving of traditional sugar-free yogurt every day for six weeks.

The levels of sulfide compounds (hydrogen sulfide- rotten egg smell) decreased in 80% of the yogurt eaters. Also, the level of plaque found in the yogurt eaters was lower than that of the non-yogurt eating group. This study comes from Tsurumi University in Japan.


Cheese, chicken, and nuts all provide calcium and phosphorus. These elements are necessary to redeposit minerals in your tooth enamel that have been removed by acids.

We all know that milk is good for the teeth. This is because milk provides calcium which performs the same.

“Eat healthy foods and your mouth will be happy and healthy too.”