9 Easy Ways to Quit Smoking

Easy Ways to Quit Smoking

Smoking is a problem that many people have. They don’t even realize that it’s a problem until it’s too late. Smoking will reduce your stamina. It causes high blood pressure, increase your risk of lung cancer, and shorten your life span –and that’s just the primary problems that it can cause.

The reason that so many people smoke is that it’s so addictive and incredibly hard to stop, but quitting smoking is the way to go. It’s going to be a challenge to quit smoking. Here are a few things that you can do to make it easier on yourself.

9 Easy Ways to Quit Smoking

1. Make yourself a date to quit

The hardest part about quitting smoking is taking the first step and resisting that first cigarette, but setting yourself a date to quit will give you the chance to know exactly when you’re going to quit.

You will be able to prepare yourself mentally for the challenge that you will put yourself through. You can be as ready as you’ll ever be when that day comes. By setting that first date, you will ensure that you can do whatever it takes to stay far away from cigarettes.

2. Don’t buy cigarettes

One of the reasons that many people can’t quit smoking is because they are tempted by the cigarettes in their jacket or pockets, but not buying the cigarettes can be a good way to resist temptation.

There are only so many people that you can ask for a smoke. You will wear out your welcome quickly. Most people would rather have their own than ask others for a smoke. So not having your own will help you to slowly wean yourself off smoking.

After all, if you don’t want to ask others for cigarettes and you aren’t buying your own, you will have no way to get any.

3. Track your cravings

There are going to be times when you crave a cigarette more than others, such as when you’re preparing for bed, after sex, after a good meal, or when you feel very stressed.

Keep a journal and write down the times that you crave the cigarettes the most, as well as how you feel. Once you know what to expect. You can make a list of things to do to help yourself resist temptation when it strikes and you just have to have that cigarette.

4. Drink herbal tea instead of smoking

The reason that many people smoke is for the relaxing effect that it has.

Did you know that preparing and drinking a cup of tea can have the same effect?

You will find that the rote actions of preparing the tea, sitting down, and drinking it will be just as calming as the act of lighting up. The heat from the tea will mimic the heat from the cigarette.

Chamomile tea is one of the herbal teas that actually act as a soothing agent. You will easily be able to relax thanks to the tea.

5. Pop nuts

Many people need to have something to do with their hands and their mouth, which is why cigarettes are so popular. The people that use cigarettes to deal with their nervous habits will usually find that eating nuts will help them to deal with the cravings. It will satisfy your need to do something with your hands and your mouth.

You should make sure to go easy on the nuts. They are fairly high in fat. However, having a pack of almonds or sunflower seeds on hand. It can help you to resist the temptation to smoke.

6. Try cinnamon toothpicks

Cinnamon toothpicks are an excellent solution for those that have problems with smoking. It will help to occupy your mouth. The flavor of the toothpicks will also keep your taste buds busy.

You will be able to satisfy your nervous habit of needing some flavor in your mouth. It can be lower in calories than chewing gum. You can alternate between the gum and these toothpicks to make it easier for you to quit.

Nicotine gum and anti-smoking gum both have their downsides and potential dangers. There are no risks with these toothpicks.

7. Change your routine

Most people feel the need to smoke the strongest when they follow the same routine. There’s that time of day when you would normally take the cigarette break and your body is expecting the nicotine.

If you want to fight off the cravings for cigarettes. It’s a good idea to change up your routine. Make sure that you do activities that occupy your mind.

Your hands during the time that you would normally smoke, and make sure to make a call, get a snack, or do anything to keep yourself busy during your breaks.

8. Consider acupuncture

The thought of having needles jabbed into your skin doesn’t usually seem like a pleasant one. The truth is that acupuncture has had a good deal of success in dealing with problems like this.

Many people have been able to cure their problems thanks to acupuncture. It may be something that can help you too. You will find that there are even little beads that you can tape to your skin, and squeezing them. When you have cravings has been scientifically proven to help fight the urges.

9. Change to decaf coffee

One of the reasons that many people smoke is to help them to relax. Especially on very stressful days. If you want to cut back on the nerves and the jitters from which you suffer during the day. Change to drinking just decaf coffee.

It will have the same effect that you expect from coffee, but with none of the stimulation of your nervous system that will leave you jittery and desperately wanting a smoke.