Detox Your Body at Home the Right Way

Detox Your Body at Home the Right Way

Detoxing is a very popular weight loss method. The truth is that it’s best when used as a healthy treatment to flush chemicals and toxins from your body. Using it as a weight loss option isn’t always healthy. But doing it correctly will help you to lose weight.

The goal of your detoxing should be to flush all of the junk out of your system. Your body will work a lot better once you’ve detoxed properly.

Doing it at home the right way is important. Here are a few tips to help you detox correctly:

Make a Detox Plan

If you’re going to detox, you must do it right.

You need to be sure that you know what you’re doing?

What you’re going to eat?

How you’re going to handle any problems that may crop up during your detox, so you must plan.

Plan the number of days that you’re going to detox.

What food you will need to have on hand?

What treatments you will try?

Make sure to take a few days off to do the detox properly. Do it over a holiday weekend? You will need time to let your body get into the detox.

So give yourself a few days to work with.

Reduce in Advance

A few days before you start detoxing. It’s a good idea to start reducing. You should cut back on the amount of alcohol you drink, as well as any artificial foods, medications, and anything else that would flood your body with more toxins.

You need to start limiting these things in advance. You won’t have such a hard time cutting them out during your detox. Going cold turkey will sometimes work. Most of the time it’s just best to slowly go reducing as your detox nears.

Make sure that you’ve cut back on the amount of fat and sugar that you eat. The foods that you will miss most once you’ve started the detox diet.

Go Natural and Raw

The key to making the detox diet work is to eat only natural foods. If you can eat only organic foods, that will be the best choice. Organic food will always be more expensive.

They are usually a lot of cleaner and free of any additives or chemicals. You will find that eating these natural foods will be important. You will be able to enjoy cooking for yourself using all raw ingredients.

Try and eat raw food as much as possible. The fruits and veggies are almost always better when eating in their natural state. You can eat enough protein and healthy carbs. It’s always best to try and eat as much raw food as possible to flush out your body.

Keep Calories Normal

One mistake that many people make when going on a detox diet is limiting the amount of food that they eat to next to nothing, such as with the Master Cleanse. You will find that limiting yourself can do more harm than good.

You will be much more likely to cheat on your detox diet due to all the hunger. If you want to ensure that your body can detox without going through drastic weight gain once the diet is done, try and eat a normal amount of calories.

It will be almost all fruits and veggies, you won’t have problems with hunger. Your body will be able to use the calories for energy.

As long as you get a decent amount of calories. Your body won’t shut down. You will end up losing weight during your detox.

Drink More Water

Water is probably the most important thing that you can consume while on the detox diet. It will flush all of the toxins out of your body. You should try and drink as much water as possible, and make it a point to drink at least one cup of water every hour on the hour.

Adding just one cup of water per hour means at least 12 cups per day, which is probably more than you drink now. You can drink more water if you want. You should drink no less than 4 quarts of water if you want to detox your body properly.

Water will be used in your juices and shakes. Try and drink plain water as well as the liquid of your detox juices.

Use Natural Cleansers

There are many cleansing products that you may be tempted to use. You may want to give yourself a full spa treatment during the days that you will be detoxing. You must use all natural treatments and cleansers during these days.

The artificial and chemical ones will just flood your body with the toxins that you’re trying to get rid of. Try and find the natural oils to use as a massage for your skin. Use aromatherapy oils instead of creams to relax you.

The most important thing is that everything is natural. It will ensure that your body can get rid of the toxins on its own.

Slowly Come Out of It

If you are going to be doing a detox diet over a few days. It’s important that you ease into it and slowly come out of it. Your stomach will probably be accustomed to only processing raw and natural foods as you come out of the detox diet.

It can take artificial and heavy foods very hard. It’s important to give your body time to recover from the diet. You should try and slowly ease back into eating heavier foods.

If you can avoid eating those unhealthy foods after your diet, your body will stay detoxified!