10 Best Upcoming Smartphones in 2020

It is amazing how the phone industry has evolved, typically, from phones with small screens and extremely slow internet in the 1990s, to state of the state-of-the-art technologies in modern smartphones. These smartphones not only have unique designs, but they pack cutting edge features, thanks to the innovative software and advanced processors. If you are thinking of buying a smartphone in 2020, look no further than this best upcoming smartphones.

2019 saw the introduction of top-line technologies like 5G modem and artificial intelligence, to boost performance. What should we expect in 2020? One thing is clear; innovativeness is at its best. Again, all manufacturers are out to please their consumers.

So 2020 is, undoubtedly, a revolutionary year in smartphone technology. Both big and small brands will have something new for their consumers. In this review, we have rounded up 10 of the best smartphones to expect in 2020.

Smartphones in 2020

  • 1# Samsung Galaxy S11
  • 2# Apple iPhone X Fold
  • 3# Samsung Galaxy Fold 2
  • 4# Nokia 10
  • 5# Xiaomi Mi 10
  • 6# LG G9 ThinQ
  • 7# OnePlus 8
  • 8# Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex
  • 9# Microsoft Andromeda Foldable Smartphones
  • 10# Moto Razr V4

10 Best Upcoming Smartphones in 2020

Let’s look at each one of them.

Samsung Galaxy S11

samsung upcoming smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy S11 is a clear indication that Samsung is aiming higher. In 2020 we expect the launch of Samsung Galaxy S11. There aren’t much details about this Samsung smartphone, but a leaked patent suggests that the smartphone will come with a fully-bezel-less display and an expandable display. Nonetheless, do not trust patent so much because companies use them as protective measures.

Some sources claim that there will be variants of this upcoming Samsung smartphone, which will be in black, white, blue, and pink. Of course, Samsung enthusiasts expect a higher price tag than the Samsung Galaxy S10, and the price is expected to be higher in versions with higher memory and storage.

Apple iPhone X Fold

Apple Upcoming phone

How would a foldable iPhone look and function? Well, that remains part of 2020. Foldable technology is not new. Android smartphones such as Samsung and Huawei already have few foldable devices on the shelves. Now Apple is going to launch it’s first foldable smartphone.

Designers are creating concepts of how an Apple iPhone X Fold would typically look. One such thought shows that the Apple iPhone X Fold comes from behind and to the left, but allows you to shut completely. The display stands at 6.6 inches when folded back and 8.3 inches when completely unfolded.

This looks reasonable, doesn’t it? However, the truth of this will only be seen on the day of unveiling the real first foldable Apple iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

samsung upcoming phone

The trend in foldable smartphones is picking momentum because Google is making an Android OS that supports the foldable interfaces. Samsung is on the way to unleashing its second foldable device, the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.

This newer version is, without a doubt, an improvement of the former. Thus, it should solve the majority of problems that were in the Samsung Galaxy Fold, such as a fragile display that easily breaks while opening or closing.

Customers anticipate that the Samsung Galaxy F2 will have a battery capacity of 6000 mAh, and of course, a better folding mechanism.

Nokia 10

upcoming nokia phone

2020 is the year to unleash a feature-packed Nokia 10. The Nokia 10 is expected to come with 5G technology and excellent camera quality. Typically, the expectations are two 48MP back lenses, which offer 4-axis OIS and an impressive 16MP selfie lenses. Such features are capable of recording even 1080p and 4K videos.

Other expectations are that the smartphone will be water-resistant, 6.0 to 6.5 inches screen display, dust resistant, and a quick charge 4+. If this information is anything to go with, then the Nokia 10 is one of the best phones to buy in 2020. Let’s wait and see what this phone will bring.

Xiaomi Mi 10

xiomi upcming phone

Xiaomi is one of the leading technologies in smartphone development. Early this year, Xiaomi released the Mi 9 smartphone and has been working hard to release an improved Xiaomi Mi 10.

According to speculations, this upcoming Xiaomi smartphone will pack a dual front camera, with minimal holes and a generally improved design. Also, the smartphone is expected to have four lenses, unlike other smartphones from the company.

Phone experts project that the Xiaomi Mi 10 may have a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with a Corning Gorilla Glass 6. Besides, the smartphone will be powered by Adreno 730 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 and will have 12 Gigs of RAM, among other top-class features.

LG G9 ThinQ

LG upcoming phone

LG is a smartphone manufacturer that has been producing stellar devices. However, for quite sometimes, its fans have been waiting for smartphones that will “wow” them. Much as the previous devices have a positive lasting impression, there was a need for improvement.

Earlier this year, LG announced the LG G8 ThinQ at the MWC. Sadly, the phone came at higher prices ($850), despite the discounts. Expectations are, the latest model, LG G9 ThinQ, will arrive at even higher rates.

Nevertheless, we expect this phone to pack incredible features such as a camera with multiple lenses. These lenses are cleverly fitted and supported with the right software to allow taking photos with all cameras at the same time.

Also, we expect improvement is the OLED display, considering that LG doesn’t have the best reputation in this sector. Also, an upgrade in LG’s user interface a reis expected

OnePlus 8

one plus upcoming phone

The OnePlus 8 is a successor of the famous OnePlus 7. Naturally, the OnePlus 8 should be a better performer than its predecessors, thanks to new and highly functional features.
Just like the previous model, the smartphone is expected to come in two versions, i.e., OnePlus 8 and 8T. Features we anticipate include a larger display, a more clear and crisp camera, and of course, a bigger battery capacity to support all other functions.

OnePlus smartphones have a 48MP camera. The expectation in the new generation OnePlus 8, is a camera that can capture finer details. Moreover, users expect an improvement in the HDR display, for you to stream videos to the fullest, 5G compatibility, 6.5-inch display as well as 8.1mm thickness.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex


Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex smartphone is a clear indication that Xiaomi is joining the foldable smartphone line. Primarily, the Xiaomi Mi Mix Flex is expected to feature a dual-display, a bigger front screen, and a secondary display at the top back.

Again, the smartphone will pack a triple camera, pop up selfie camera, and a hidden earpiece, all encompassed in loan incredibly innovative design in addition to the high-end processors. Still, the phone will run on Android 9.0 Pie. The price is expected to be $700.

Microsoft Andromeda Foldable Smartphones

microsoft upcoming smartphone

Andromeda Foldable Smartphones is the current smart work of Microsoft. Microsoft has been working on these devices for quite some time, and we expect to see the final in early 2020.

The uniqueness of this product is that it will have a clamshell design that is devoid of buttons. Rumors have it that it may have a stylus such as a Surface laptop. In essence, this product will be a hybrid of smartphone and tablet. You get the tablet features when you fold out and smartphone functionalities when you fold into half.

Moto Razr V4

moto upcoming phone

Motorola Razr is back with a newer version – the foldable smartphone. Remember how a hit the Motorola Razr was; it sold a record 130 million units in four years.

The patent images show that the Moto Razr V4 has a dual display. The secondary display is at the center while the camera is on the upper half of the rear side. To facilitate the clamshell approach, the smartphone will have a flexible and foldable OLED-based design. It also expected to retail at $1500!


With advancing technology, you only expect to have the finest smartphones. The foldable phones are taking the world by storm, with brands like Samsung producing top of the line products. Rumors circulating state that Apple is planning on unleashing an outward folding smartphone in 2020, but this information is not from a reliable source.

Typically, 2020 is a year of the technology revolution in the smartphone world. We expect a substantial shift from 4G to 5G networks, unveiling of 5K resolution, artificial intelligence-powered features, and we also hope to see a 100% bezel-less phone.