10 Best Unique Uses & Benefits of Olive Oil

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Unique Uses for Olive Oil

Olive Oil has long been recognized for its amazing health benefits. It contains antioxidants, helps protect against heart disease and gallstones, and it helps heal stomach ulcers.

But, did you know there are many other uses for this oil as well? Learn about ten unique uses for olive oil by reading this article today!

1. A Health Benefit for Your Dog and Cats

Mixing a little olive oil in your pets’ food will help lessen your cat’s chances of producing fur balls. It will also help your dog shed less fur. Mix an eighth of a teaspoon once a week into your cat’s food. For your dog, add one teaspoon of olive oil into his/her food every week.

2. Quiet Squeaky Hinges

Have a noisy door hinge around your house or in the garage? Fill a small spray bottle with olive oil. Arrange the nozzle so it creates a stream rather of a spray. Squirt oil on any squeaky hinges, or on hinges that don’t move freely. Accept a paper napkin to wipe up any runs.

3. Make an All Natural Furniture Polish

Add ingredients of a cup of olive oil and a cup of real lemon juice; stir well. Use a dab of the liquid and a clean, soft cloth to polish your wood furniture. This natural mixture of furniture polish will remove any residue left by commercial cleaners and will add moisture and shine to your furniture.

4. Effective Treatment for Ear Infections

Heated olive oil can help soothe and heal painful ear infections. To use olive oil for this unique use, pour a teaspoon of oil into a metal spoon. Gently warm it by holding a lit match underneath. Check the temperature of the olive oil to make sure it’s not hot.

Then, place half of the oil in each affected ear. Place a cotton ball in each ear so the oil won’t run out. Repeat this process two or three times a day.

5. Remove Paint Spatters From Skin and Hair

The next time you work on a painting project around the house, have a bottle of olive oil and an old rag handy. Whenever you get paint splatters on your skin, pour a little oil on the rag, and easily wipe them off. Place some oil on the rag and wipe paint spatters from your hair too.

6. Release a Wad of Chewing Gum From Hair

Because gum is a sticky substance, it can be a real mess if it gets stuck in your hair. But, since olive oil is such an excellent lubricant, it can be used to easily get that gum out.

Simply pour some oil on the gum and surrounding hair. Then, use your fingers to pull on the gum- you may need to rub the oil around to loosen the gum up.

7. Use as a Substitute Shaving Cream

If you run out of shaving cream and you’re in a hurry, use olive oil as an effective substitute. It will soften your whiskers, and even the hair on your legs and underarms, and give you a smooth, close shave.

8. Moisturize and Shine Leather Items

Do you have a pair of leather shoes or slippers that are looking dreary? How about a leather belt that needs to be revitalized?

Another unique use for olive oil is to wipe some on dry leather items. Let the oil set a few minutes, then buff them to remove the excess oil and make them shine.

9. Liven Up a Palm Tree

If you have a sad-looking Palm Tree in your house, spruce it up again by giving it a couple of tablespoons of olive oil. Pour the oil on the roots; repeat monthly.

10. Get Rid of a Snoring Problem

If you snore at night and keep your partner awake, try taking a tablespoon of olive oil before you go to bed. The olive oil will help keep your throat moist so you won’t make a sound.