Best Low-Calorie Diet Foods for Filling Full

low calorie diet food

Foods That Are Incredibly Filling

Staying full throughout the day while not consuming a ton of calories is tough. It can be done with the right foods.

While the average American has been conditioned to expect a big meal once or twice a day and that feeling can be unavoidable sometimes. Eating the right snacks and small meals of low-calorie. Nutrition-dense foods can make a big difference in a diet.

Here is a list of some of the best foods for staying full that happen to be low in calories as well.

Best Low-Calorie Diet Foods for Staying Full: Fruits and Vegetables

The first rule of eating low-calorie foods for a diet to stay full is to consume lots of fruits and vegetables. 

Fruits can be high in sugar and calories. But it is far preferable to refined sugar as the body takes time to break down fruits, leading to a slower absorbing process of calories throughout the day.

Fruits and vegetables contain high amounts of water. Water can keep a person full. The water is released slower than simply drinking it which will add to that effect of feeling full.

Vegetables may not seem like a very filling snack but many people are used to eating them with a big meal and in comparison with large cuts of meat they might seem minuscule in terms ability to fill a person up. 

Eaten throughout the day, foods like (hopefully organic in all cases) carrots, broccoli, celery, and salads of fresh spring greens or spinach can be just as filling as other snacks like chips or pretzels.

Plus, vegetables are the perfect diet food because of their low-calorie content and their ability to add to the feeling of fullness.

High protein low calorie foods

Protein-Rich Foods for Staying Full

How protein can help you stay full?

Whether through lean (hopefully high-quality, grass-fed from small farms) meat or poultry, nuts, seeds, or dairy-based food products, protein is a must at each meal to stay full.

Protein provides fuel for muscles and is perhaps the most important nutrient for feeling full a person can consume.

All-natural whey protein is also good to have on hand for the occasional shake. Whey protein is a fast-absorbing protein source that’s good following a workout but slow-absorbing protein is also important and great for keeping full.

 You can get slow-absorbing (casein) protein for your low-calorie diet through plain yogurt, cottage cheese, low-fat (hopefully organic) milk, or even Greek yogurt.

Complex Carbohydrates for Staying Full on a Diet

Finally, eating carbohydrates from complex sources instead of fast-absorbing sources. It is also a key to staying healthy and full on a diet.

100% whole grain or whole wheat bread are the types you should be looking for on store shelves. 

Unfortunately, many of these brands have hidden items in them. They aren’t so healthy such as highly-processed sweeteners like high-fructose corn syrup in them. So pay close attention to the labels.

Other complex sources might be better than store-bought bread as well such as brown rice and sweet potatoes.

In general, avoid white bread, white rice, stick to brown grains and rice. You’ll be fine. These brown sources of carbs are broken down slowly during the day. Packed with fiber which can keep you feeling full and satisfied throughout the day.

Don’t be afraid to splurge on a favorite meal every now and then but keep eating healthy, filling foods and you can stay healthy and slim while keeping cravings at bay.

Give it a try for a month. See how it works out? You just be surprised at how eating a healthy diet can change your whole outlook on life. Also, always remember to buy local and organic whenever possible. Because the economy and health of the planet depends on it.