Are High-Protein Diets Safe?

Are High-Protein Diets Safe

Are There Risks Associated with Eating Too Much Protein?

By now, everyone has heard of high-protein diets. However, most of the time, all you hear about is the positive side of this diet. Yet, no one is seemingly talking about the downside of a strictly high-protein diet. There has been a huge debate concerning the effectiveness and safety of these diets.

Why should we think that high-protein diets aren’t safe?

Although people have lost weight, the high-protein diet isn’t that safe and I explore why.
One of the main reasons why high-protein diets aren’t safe is because such a diet is not nutritionally balanced. It has been shown that for some dieters, performing a high-protein diet can be deadly.

It is a better choice to eat good, clean protein and high fibrous vegetables and no processed foods. The best way to “diet” is to eat balanced and nutritious because in all honestly, there is no “dieting” there is only a lifestyle change. That’s how you get results that will last your entire life.

Heart attacks And Strokes

High-protein diets are known to be high in cholesterol and saturated fat, which has been found are major causes of heart attacks and strokes.

If you are wanting to train your body into burning more fat. Eat unsaturated fats that are high in Omega 3, 6, and 9 – these are your essential fatty acids.

And when you combine these essential fatty acids with the clean protein, then you will begin to loose weight, safely and healthy.

Osteoporosis Problem

Another reason why high-protein diets are dangerous is that they may cause your body to overload on protein, which may lead to osteoporosis.

Also, these diets forbid you to eat foods that are known to lower your risk of heart disease and many different types of cancers.

Weight Gain

As you can see, protein-diets cause far more than weight-loss. I have been studying fitness for quite some time. And I have learned many things throughout my studies. One of the things that have stood the test of time, is that carbohydrates aid in burning energy, which in turn, burns fat.

However, when you do a high-protein diet, you are deprived of the carbohydrates that give you the energy you need. And if you are an avid high-protein dieter, then even those that do moderate exercise will notice a decrease in overall energy.

Carbohydrates are great for you, you just have to eat them balanced like you must eat protein balanced.


As you can see, high-protein diets are not the safest diets on the market today. However, millions of people are still partaking in his dangerous diet. What one must do is keep the foods arriving in your body balanced.

You must still eat carbohydrates, however, no too much. You must continue eating protein, but not too much either. Life is all about living balanced, and that is so true even concerning the types of food that you intake.