Allen Forest Zoo

Allen Forest Zoo is located on the outer edge of Kanpur city, Uttar Pradesh.  The zoo was open for public in 1971 and covers a land area of about 194249.108 sq. m. It is named after Sir Allen, a Botanist who originally conceived this project. The zoo encompasses natural lake, ancient trees and natural forest.

Here you can see the animals in their natural habitat instead of the caged varieties you would see in other zoos.


It is home to a number of animals, birds and reptiles. Some of the animals and birds you will see here are Tiger, White Asiatic Tiger, Asiatic Lions, Cheetah, Leopard, Hyena, Bear, Grizzly, Monkeys, Languor, Baboon, Musk deer, Deer, Antelope, Emus, Ostrich, Parrots, Parakeet, Saras-Crane and various Indian as well as European fowls.

Best time to visit Allen Forest Zoo:

Allen Forest Zoo is best to be visited from October to March.

Opening hours of Allen Forest Zoo:

All days of the week – 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Entry fee for Visiting Allen Forest Zoo:


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