Acupuncture for Hair Loss: Is it Effective?

Acupuncture for Hair Loss

Does Acupuncture Really Regrow Hair or Is It a Myth?

Acupuncture can certainly provide help for various hair-related problems. Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese method of treating health ailments that are performed by using a very fine needle to certain pressure points of the body.

This treatment helps to increase blood circulation in the scalp. Thus increasing the nutrients supply to the hair follicles. Read on to learn more about how acupuncture works to increase hair growth.

How Acupuncture Works

This ancient treatment involves the insertion of fine needles at various acupuncture points on your body. Acupuncture is based on the belief that qi or a life force energy flows along 14 different meridians or paths, inside the human body. It allows us to breathe, talk, walk, and eat.

When qi becomes imbalanced, blocked, or insufficient, illness or health ailments can occur. Acupuncture stimulates blood flow and Qi throughout the body that allows the body to function optimally.

Connection Between Hair Loss and Acupuncture

The quality or health of your hair depends on the amount of blood, kidney, and Qi energy within your body. The kidneys manage the nourishment of your hair. Therefore, hair loss can occur when your body has an inadequate amount of blood and qi energy.

Acupuncture helps increase blood circulation and qi energy within your body and promotes healthy hair growth by strengthening the kidneys. Applying acupuncture pressure directly over your scalp will help stimulate blood flow in the scalp. Therefore it prompts new hair growth and preventing hair loss.

Acupuncture for hair loss treatment

Acupuncture treatment not only helps to prevent hair loss but also promotes new hair growth. It has been used to treat various hair-related problems such as brittle hair, split ends, and hair fall.

According to Chinese therapy, the health or quality of your hair depends upon the level of blood circulation in your body. And, studies have found that acupuncture therapy can stimulate blood flow in the scalp and correct toxicity in your blood. It will promote new cell growth, help repair damaged cells and strengthen the hair follicles. It  also stimulating new hair growth.

Acupuncture Techniques

As mentioned above, the acupuncture technique involves inserting a tiny acupuncture needle into various acupuncture points or areas of the body that stimulate blood flow and qi, and strengthen the kidneys.

Or, your acupuncturist may also use a plum blossom needle or seven-star hammer, which is a tiny hammer-like device with many fine needles protruding that stimulate the skin surface of the scalp, promoting blood circulation and new hair growth.

Herbs, Diet, and Supplements

During this treatment, you may also need to bring in certain changes in your daily diet. Your acupuncturist may also suggest some dietary changes, Chinese herbs, or supplements that stimulate healthy hair growth.

Researchers have achieved a significant cure rate of more than 80% in 110 people who were suffering from alopecia hair loss.

Find the Best Acupuncturist

If you consider taking an acupuncture treatment for whatever the reason may be, ensure that you look for a professional acupuncturist or a qualified practitioner. Choose the one who is licensed to practice. Training and education requirements for licensing may vary from place to place.

So, if you are not sure, you may like to check with the local health department of your place to find out the requirements for the licensing of an acupuncturist. National acupuncture organizations such as NCCAOM (National Certificate Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) can suggest the best-qualified acupuncturists in your place.

Although, acupuncture can promote hair growth. It is also prevent hair loss. You always need to maintain a healthy balanced diet, drink a lot of water daily and follow a proper hair care regimen. Your skin and hair can reflect the overall state of your health. So, if you maintain a nutritious diet. Acupuncture treatment will be also more effective.