Acne During Pregnancy: Causes, Home Remedies

Acne During Pregnancy

Acne During Pregnancy

Treating acne during pregnancy can be a challenge. The higher levels of hormones in your body make you more prone to breaking out with acne.

During Pregnancy states that one of every two women that are pregnant are going to develop acne. That’s something very serious! You’re already battling with carrying a heavy child in your womb.

You shouldn’t have to deal with acne at the same time! Knowing how to treat your acne problems is an important part of having a healthy, pleasant pregnancy.

What Causes Pregnancy Acne?

The reason that pregnant women are more likely to break out in pimples is the higher hormone levels in their bodies. Pregnant females are a roiling cauldron of hormones. The hormones are what promote healthy baby growth.

The higher hormone levels common in the first three months of the pregnancy cause more sebum – or skin oil – to be produced.

The more skin oil that there is on the skin, the more likely it will be that the oil will clog the pores with dead skin cells. More skin oil means a greater chance of acne, all thanks to your hormones.

Treating Acne During Pregnancy: The Problem with Acne During Pregnancy

The main problem with having acne during your pregnancy is that you can’t automatically turn to the same OTC medications and acne treatments that you have relied on for years.

Many of the treatments are considered unsafe. They can cause birth defects in your child. Doctors always recommend medication of any kind during your pregnancy.

You will ensure that nothing will harm your child. The fact that you’re pregnant is the reason you have acne. It’s the reason that you can’t deal with it normally as well.

The good news is that treating acne during pregnancy isn’t the same as dealing with more persistent acne that breaks out on your face or skin regularly. Most of the time, the acne that you get during pregnancy will simply be a cosmetic problem, meaning it’s only skin deep.

It doesn’t have as much to do with the P. acne bacteria or toxins running rampant on your skin and in your body, but it’s just caused by too much skin oil.

Treating acne during pregnancy can be much easier than you might think. You just need to prevent your skin oil from being produced in excess quantities.

What to Avoid During Pregnancy?

Here are some medications that you absolutely must avoid during pregnancy:

  • Isotretinoin – This drug can cause birth defects in the fetus.
  • Hormone Therapy – The presence of too many female hormones in the body can cause problems with the child’s development.
  • Topical Retinoids – These have many of the same effects as the isotretinoin.
  • Oral Tetracyclines – These drugs can prevent the bones of your child from growing properly, and they can discolor the teeth of your baby.
  • Salicylic Acid – Many acne treatments use this acid, and it is believed to have many of the same effects as the other medications above.

Acne during pregnancy? Try these natural remedies

If you want to treat your acne during pregnancy, you may find that there are a few natural, drug-free solutions that will work for you:

Wash Regularly

Seeing as the acne is just caused by too much skin oil on your face and body, you can wash your face regularly to get rid of the oil. Don’t use a cleanser, but just let the water run over your face. Dry off with a clean towel, and use a water-based moisturizer to help keep your face nice and fresh. Doing this twice a day can help to get rid of the excess skin oil.

Keep Your Hands Away

Your hands are full of sebum as well, and they are almost as oily as your forehead when you are sweating. If you bring your hands to your face, you’ll mix the oil from your hands with the oil on your face – increasing the chance of pimples breaking out. You should not touch your face as much as possible.

Shampoo Your Hair

The oil from your scalp will often drip down when you sweat, and this can increase the presence of skin oil on your face. It’s best to keep your hair clean, so shampoo it every few days to ensure that any hair hanging onto your face will be low in the oil that protects it.

Eat Your Greens

You’re going to have to go for natural treatments for acne while you are pregnant, and leafy greens are one of the best natural acne treatments around. The dark and leafy greens contain the most antioxidants, and they’ll help to get rid of anything that would cause the skin acne to develop.

Use a Strong Face Wash

If you want to reduce the presence of skin oil, you can use a gentle cleanser like tea tree oil diluted in warm water. Tea tree oil is a very strong substance, but it’s considered to be safe to use during your pregnancy as long as you only apply it to your face. You can put a few drops of the oil into a glass of warm water, and use that warm water to wash your face. It will help to balance out your skin’s pH, and it will cleanse any bacteria from your face.

Soothe Your Skin

Chamomile tea is an excellent soothing agent, and you’ll find that it will be one of your best remedies for dealing with acne problems. You can apply a layer of the tea with a cotton ball, and it will help to reduce the irritation and swelling of the acne.
Dealing with acne during pregnancy is important, but the fact that your options are limited means that you’re going to have to come up with new, safe methods of treating acne during pregnancy.