Cholera is a bacterial disease that causes the severe diarrhea and dehydration. If it is not treated it can lead to the death. It’s treatment includes rehydration, IV fluids, and antibiotics. In this article we will discuss various home remedies for cholera.


1. Lime juice

You can take the lime juice every day as it will help to kill bacteria that can give way to cholera. It is a useful home remedy for cholera.

2. Holy Basil

Add some few leaves of holy basil in water and bring them to boil. Drink this water when it becomes cool. It is a good home remedy for cholera.

3. Drumstick Leaves

The leaves of drumstick are valuable to treat cholera. You can take a tablespoon of fresh juice prepared from leaves, mix 1 tablespoon of honey in it. Now, mix one glass of tender coconut water in it. Take the decoction, 2-3 times a day. This herbal treatment for cholera is very effective.

4. Onion for Cholera

Onion is an effective remedy to get rid of cholera. Take 30 grams of onions and grind them with 7 black peppers. The patient can take 2-3 doses of this mixture every day.

5. Yogurt

Many physicians conclude that yogurt must be taken in the diet daily. If you take yogurt daily, it will strengthen the intestines and reduces the causes of diseases. It is a useful remedy for cholera.

6. Rough Chaff

You can prepare a powder from the root of rough chaff. It helps treat cholera. Mix 6 grams of powder in a glassful of water. It should be taken once a day to get the best results.

7. Treat Cholera using Cloves

Cloves are known for there health beneficial values from many years before. Take 4 grams of cloves and put three liters of water in it. Put the mixture in a pot and leave it on the flame until half of the mixture left. This mixture can be given to the patient many times a day. This will reduce the irritation of the bowels and remove cholera. This is a natural treatment for cholera.

8. Treat Cholera with Black Herbal Tea

You can prepare a tea with ginger, black pepper, holy basil, and mint. Take this tea 2 times a day. This natural treatment for cholera will help to cure the problem.

9. Cholera with Cucumber leaves

Make juice with cucumber leaves. Add 1 glass of coconut water in a glass of juice made with cucumber leaves. Give 30 ml of mixture to the patient and this is a wonderful treatment for cholera as it will reduce cholera. It also reduces excess thirst.

10. Rice Water

Rice water is the best treatment for cholera. You can wash the cooked rice vigorously and take that water. It will help to reduce cholera.

11. Cure Cholera with Nutmeg

It is an effective cure for cholera. A person, who is having severe cholera use the nutmeg to cure the problem.

12. Bitter Gourd

You can prepare a juice with fresh bitter gourd leaves and give it to the patient of cholera. It is a good method to cure cholera.

13. Guava Root Bark

The guava root bark is a rich source of tannins. If you prepare a decoction from this, it will help to decrease the symptoms of cholera.

To make a decoction, you need to take 30 grams of root bark with ½ liters of water. Boil this until the one-third of water left. You can take this two times a day.

Cholera Diet

Food of cholera affected person must be prepared hygienically. Hot food should not be served; food should be served when it is the same to room temperature. Easily take a diet as you can take rice flakes or corn flakes in your diet.

Foods to Avoid with Cholera

Raw fish and shellfish should be avoided as they help to trigger cholera. Avoid taking raw fruits or take fruits after removing peels of fruits.

Don’t eat anything from the street stall as they can be prepared in unhygienic conditions. Spicy, oily and junk food should not be taken. Avoid ice cubes in drinks and also avoid ice creams.